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Space Classic: A free game waiting for you at GOG

The store that doesn't believe in draconian file protections gives the wonderful interstellar simulator FreeSpace 2 free from now on and for all the nimble among you

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Hurray! Another opportunity to enrich your digital gaming library is coming online - this time courtesy of the store , From the same parent company that brought us the mighty developer CD Project In charge of the Witcher games series.

All registered users, as well as new subscribers, to the Can get the click simulator game in the FreeSpace 2 space, which was originally launched in 1999 by the American Volition company that is currently selling mainly thanks to Saints Row games. The title has won numerous awards and average quality reviews, and is considered one of the most successful in its genre to date - thanks to a version of It is easy and convenient to experience it even in modern systems.

With an average score of 4.8 out of 5, many players seem to enjoy FreeSpace 2 even today, despite the fact that it has already celebrated its 20 birthday.

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The free division of the game will end tomorrow (Tuesday, the 27 in September) at noon - so it is always advisable to hurry and grab the opportunity as soon as possible before it is over. Enjoy!

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Master of Orion, in the remake and initialized 2016

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