Steam's landlord introduces new HWzone

Steam's landlord is introducing new acquisitions

Company Declared that it had not abandoned the area The games - and signal us for that with a purchase of an ambitious young indie studio

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With all due respect to works such as Left 4 Dead, Portal and even Half-Life, Valve has been familiar to us all over the past decade,, The successful platform that brought almost exclusively a renaissance of interest in the PC gaming market and enabled the creation of countless great indie titles that had no chance of surviving before the digital revolution. Is there a chance for change that will bring the veteran developer back to center stage in creating games? Welcome to judge for yourself.

Following recent questions about the future of WALAV in the development of games, based on shuffle and silence regarding the development of the SteamOS platform and the computers to be based on it, and based on the fact that the only public title developed in the company is the digital game Artifact based on Dota 2, Formally that they really do not abandon the The new games or their dedicated operating system, and will offer quite a few surprises in the near future.

SteamOS is also moving forward - and Wallab's willingness to launch games

Now, we may see one of Wolv's spoken surprises - in the form of a purchase of a young indie developer named Campo Santo, who will move under her (still independently, for now). Campo Santo employs about 20 employees and was founded about five years ago, with its first and only title to date being the Firewatch Adventure game, which has become a significant hit with total sales of over one million units and accolades from critics.

Campo Santo is now developing a new pictorial game called In The Valley of Gods for 2019 - and should continue its preparatory activities under Walb's leadership

Is this acquisition, the third of its kind in the history of WALAV (only another pair of keys in the past and even separated from them in a relatively short time), signaling the intention to create more single-player feature games down the road instead of online games and multiplayer games As a product? We will hold on to this fingers, even if it probably does not really bring us closer to the day when we may see the continuation of the Half-Life 2.


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