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A couple of stores, lots of discounts: Steam Gaming Deals for the weekend

A variety of strategy games from Paradox and a variety of successful Warhammer games await you with juicy discounts

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We invite you to indulge and play with another selection of deals from the world's largest and most popular PC gaming store - because there is no such thing as too many quality titles to play.

The biggest gospel of the present days is a discounted price especially for the great strategy title Total War: Warhammer 2, Which is priced at NIS 84.98 for its base package - with 50 percent discounts on four of the five expansion packs it has since launched.

is also Total War: Warhammer The first is available in a quarter of its full price, NIS 62.48 - with 50 percent discounts on six DLC content packages launched for it.

The puzzle game and the humorous physical thinking Human: Fall Flat, Which enjoys 92 positive reviews based on the opinions of nearly 30,000 different users, is currently offered at half price - only NIS 27.97.

Human: Fall Flat

The impressive 2D action game My Friend Pedro, Which holds 95 positive reviews, sells at NIS XNUM which is a discount of 51.76 percent of its daily price.

My Friend Pedro

Title of action Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Sold for only NIS 27.73 - and at NIS 120.42 along with the three expansion packs created for it.

The unusual strategy game The Escapists 2 Offered at a discount of 70 percent, at NIS 22.18 price.

The action-role-play Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr Has been cut half its price, and now costs NIS 94.97.

A real-time strategy game (with a combination of different elements of strategy in turn) qualitatively named Steel Division 2, Launched last June and will bring you back to World War II armor battles, sold for NIS 110.54. you too Steel Division The original can be bought at a discounted price - NIS 47.85.

Steel Division 2

The simulation and management game Prison Architect, With 92 percent of positive reviews from gamers, is offered at a tiny price of NIS 27.73.

The successful city management game Cities: Skylines Sold at a low base price of NIS 26.39 - with discounts of between 25 percent and 50 percent for the massive number of added content created for it in recent years.

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The GOG store, which offers only file-free games, also has an enterprise Interesting these days - the authors of the popular European distributor THQ Nordic.

The game Darksiders In its updated and improved version, it sold for $ 4 - whereas Darksiders 2 Its improved version is available for $ 6.

Darksiders 3, The latest in this action-role-playing series, retails for $ 20.4.

The futuristic role-playing game ELEX Sold for one-third the price, 16.5 dollars.

The strategy game in turns Expeditions: Conquistador Offered for $ 5 - and its sequel Expeditions: Viking Sold for 12 dollars.

The challenging strategy game This is the Police Offered at $ 3.75 - and its sequel This is the Police 2 Launched last year will cost you 7.5 dollars.

This is the Police 2

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