Steam Week Deals

A great variety of interesting games are available at cut-off prices - and you only have to choose

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With or without Black Friday in the background, at the Steam Platform Store Provide us with a lot of discounts this weekend as well - so you can organize new adventures for Hanukkah in the near future. Enjoy!

At the end of this week you can download and experiment free of charge in the interesting strategy game Ancestors Legacy, Which was launched six months ago and has so far received fairly positive reviews from gamers. Their love? It can be purchased at least half of the full price - 65.97 NIS.

Ancestors Legacy

The online mass version of Tamaryl kingdom At Elder Scrolls Online Is waiting for you half of its price - 42.5 NIS for the base version, when it is worth noting that there are several additional expansion packages available for those who want to get the full experience.

Title of the new roles-action Immortal: Unchained, Which has received mixed reviews from consumers since its release (some liked, and much less) sold at a reduced cost of 94.97 NIS.

For the calm and calming driving enthusiasts - games Euro Truck Simulator 2 and-American Truck Simulator Sold for NIS 17.98 each.Note that apart from the basic packages discussed there are dozens of different DLC content for these games - most of which are now available at their own discounts.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Title of the successful realistic action Day of Infamy Available at the price of 16.78 NIS only, for fans of Action genre from World War II.

Title The challenging and unique tactical roles Battle Brothers Sold for 66.57 NIS - or for 98.34 NIS together with the expansion package created for it.

The wild and snowy adventure game Shelter 2 Available at one-fifth of its original price, 11.19 NIS only - or at the price of 22.19 NIS along with its predecessor, Shelter.

Shelter 2

Three different games based on The Dark Eye brand Are offered together at a tiny price of 13.19 NIS: the Chains of Satinav and Memoria titles as well as the strategy game Blackguards.