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Still free, and now even more competitive: Meet the upgraded Team Fortress 2

The popular multiplayer action game of Has received a new update, which has already been updated following complaints from the players

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Team Fortress 2, Valve's online action game, refuses to die. It's hard to believe, but nine years have passed since he was released as part of the company's hit pack, "The Orange Box." The reason it is hard to believe that it has been so long has been the massive series of updates it has gained over the years that added new game modes, upgraded the arsenal of the characters' weapons, and, at the end of the day, Make the game free.

Remember, the game brings together two teams, Red and Blue, and discards them to participate in chaotic battles in a variety of game modes. Players are given the choice of nine characters, each with a different arsenal, tactics, and extreme personality. The uniqueness of Team Fortress is reflected in the great tactical depth and emphasis on the team game on the one hand, and the lighthearted and humorous approach on the other. This is expressed by the amusing lines of voice that characters emit during games, the dynamic between them also shown inShort videos produced by Valve, And of course the picturesque style in which the flashy game, which simply has no other.

Unfortunately for the players' community, in the past two years Valve has gone out of the pedal for major updates, preferring (with some justification) to focus on its two most successful and profitable titles, the Dota 2 strategy game and the latest version of Counter Strike. Only in recent months has Valve been able to respond to the requests of the players, apparently in view of the threat in the form of Overwatch, the title of Blizzard's group action,Was a meteoric success And began to bite in percentage from the old community of the game.

Update "Meet Your Match"

At the weekend he was released The first significant update of the game this year, And the crowning glory is to add matchmaking to each other in two friendly and competitive modes of play. It should be noted that the chopping option in the competitive situation has been sought by the community since the game's exit, and its absence to date must have been a factor in the decline of the competitive team team scene. updating Which adds the competitive situation to its game a month after its launch.

The competitive situation includes a ranking scale in which the players are embedded according to their success in the "top" games. Friendly mode is the basic state of play, but more accessible, maintains a balance between the level of players and makes sure not to enter the game is already underway. To keep playing fair, She also decided to punish some players who started a friendly game and wanted to get out of it before they ended by preventing them from entering game servers for ten minutes after leaving a game prematurely.

This decision was not accepted by the community of actors, and criticism was also voiced about the long wait in queues on the way to a friendly game. Therefore, the day after the release of the Valve update Has announced The abolition of the penalties for those who abandoned the Games and its work to reduce the other problems.

Besides the friendly and competitive modes, the update includes a new official game mode called Pass Time, in which players must score goals with a Rocket League ball, as well as three amateur maps that have become official.

And what does the future hold for Team Fortress 2? Well, as part of the latest update, players are also invited to join one of two groups, "Heavy Group" or "Pyro Group", depending on the character they wish to receive the next big update. Instead of a standard vote, the winning character will be determined by the total number of points accumulated by the two players' camps from the day of the update. My two cents: Choose Heavy, of course.


Team Fortress 2 is a completely free game, and you can download it Through client Steam And start playing immediately. This is one of the best multiplayer action games of all time, and it still enjoys a vibrant community, which will probably remain so for many years to come.

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