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Stops with Virtual Crime: Founding Rockstar Games Leaves

One of the founders of a development company that has become an industry leader will retire after more than 21 years

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Even if the name Doesn't mean much to you - the games and- Dead Redemption you know without a shadow of a doubt (even if you're not a devout gaming enthusiast), and now we find out that one of the key characters behind their work is finishing their role soon.

Dan Houser, along with his brother Sam Hauser, began their gambling field in the mid-XNUMXs at a company called BMG Interactive - where they signed a modest racing game called Race'n'Chase developed by a Scottish studio called DMA Design. The same game will eventually become And began a particularly rich history of the Hauser brothers.

Dan Hauser (right) along with Leslie Benzies, another senior who left A few years ago - you may not know the faces and names, but you almost certainly know their key successes

BMG Interactive was acquired by Take-Two, the Hauser brothers became the homeowners, acquired DMA Design and created the name Games - When DMA became a studio North produced some of the most successful video games ever, starting with Grand Theft Auto 3 and all its successors and successors. Dan Hauser held the position of Vice President for years, In which he served as lead writer for hits like 5, 4 and Dead Redemption 2 - as well as executive producer for some of these big titles.

It all began with DMA Design somewhere in 1995 and evolved into Games and the first development studio North in 1998 - and since then, meteoric success has not stopped

The Hauser brothers tended to stay out of the spotlight, despite their tremendous achievements in the gaming market - and the same happened with Dan's departure announcement, which was viewed as part of an update from Games for the US Government Securities and Exchange Commission, with no bombastic public announcements for the gamers. Dan Hauser will officially resign on March 11, 2020, after a long vacation that began last year with the end of the main work chapter for Dead Redemption 2 - While his brother Sam Hauser will continue in his role as president of the company and lead producer for many of her works, unchanged.

Nobody really knows when the Coming up next (what you see here is just an informal amateur rendition) - but it will be interesting to see how it will feel without the involvement of one of the Hauser brothers

How to Look and Feel Future Games Without the presence and transport of such a significant key figure? This is certainly an interesting question, although there is a good chance that it will be several years before we get the long-awaited launch (Grand Theft Auto 6?) To give us the answers.


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