Strange and wonderful: Meet the best fan games

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When a game or series of games manage to thrill the gamers, it is no wonder they try to express their love by creating their own added content. Meet the best creations from the heart, and the disturbed imagination of the greatest fans

Some of these fans express their appreciation of creating their own games as additional content for the series of games they love so much. So here are ten very successful fan games, if you did not know otherwise, you'd think they came straight from the original creators.

Newer Super Mario Bros Wii

Super Mario games are an integral part of any console , From the NES to the U. So it's no surprise that Mario's platform game is called New Super Mario Bros He went out to a living console. A group of fans called The Newer Team decided she wanted a sequel, but instead of waiting for one of them to come out, they just created it themselves.

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Their game "Newer Super Mario Bros" has no less than 128 stages, new and old bosses, the possibility to play with up to four players and more. The game can be downloaded to the Wii or to the U, and their site has instructions on how to make your console run it.

Pokemon: Type Wild

The Pokemon series is one of the most successful in the world for nearly 18 years, with an especially large fan community, so that over time the brand has won dozens of fan games. But, one fan game transcends the rest with its originality and production quality:
Pokemon: Type Wild is a two-dimensional hitting game in the style of arcade games like round. . You can play as one of nine different Pokemon, each with its own set of moves and attacks, and even the possibility to summon a second Pokemon. The game has a background story, but unfortunately the language of the game is Japanese, and aside from a few words on the menu there is no English at all. The game also has a two-player mode, so you can challenge a friend to play against you. The animations of the characters, the backgrounds and the attacks are especially invested, and the game even has dubbing. The Internet claims that the animations in the game were created by one of the animators who worked in the Pokemon TV series, but I found no support for it.


The game lacks training mode and the way to cancel the battle and return to the main screen, but otherwise it is a pretty fun game, especially for the fans of the series who are waiting for the beating game Nintendo recently announced.

Mega Man 2.5D

The Megaman Games from Capcom were one of the most successful and challenging platform games for the Nintendo NES. The games required concentration and accuracy, and careful learning of the stages in order to pass them successfully. Although these are old games, they are still very popular among many, especially Oldschool players, and the proof is that in recent years, Kafcom has released two Megaman games with the old graphics and games to the virtual stores of Wii Ware, Playstation Network, Live Arcade.

The series also received some innovations by its fans, and one of the most successful is MegaMan 2.5D created by some talented developers and fans of mega-man. The game retains the original spirit of the game - with the graphics and music, the unforgiving difficulty of NES days and the design of the steps based on favorite stages from all the previous games, but with a slight change that compliments the game - the game is not completely 2D, , Which adds to the gameplay and makes the game more interesting visually. In addition, the game also offers a co-op mode that allows you to play with a friend.

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

If you ever wondered what would happen if someone took all the old Oldschool games like Mario, Sonic, Megaman, Troid, Xenavia and more and threw them all into the same game, you can get an answer if you play Mushroom Kingdom . This is a platform game that combines all the gaming worlds together, and one minute will play as Sonic in the world of Mario, and in the second moment as a link within the world of Metroide.
The game has quite a few original and interesting stages, and if you are an oldschool fan you will enjoy trying to identify all the worlds and melodies from the old games. The game has received quite a few updates and additions over the years, but the project has been somewhat neglected in the past two years.

Sonic Chrono Adventure

Sonic's transition to 3D over the years has not completely gone smoothly, and it's no secret that most modern sonic games can not really reproduce the success of the old 2D games in the series. But why are there fans who understand the hearts of other fans? Sonic Chrono Adventure is a game created by a guy called LakeFeeper and brings you back to times when Sonic games were two-dimensional The graphics in the game are similar to the Sonic Games for Gameboy Advance, and it shows the old fun games, quick and colorful steps, original music and additions like objects and abilities Story, etc. The game is completely professional, so it's hard to believe that this is not a real game from the Sonic series.

Psycho Waluigi

Valuigi has never won a starring role in a game of his own, but an independent fan and creator named Thunder Dragon has decided to correct the injustice he has done, and to create Waluigi a starring game. The result is a sleek platform game with original gameplay that could easily confuse quite a few people into thinking that it really came from Nintendo.

In Psycho Waluigi, Valuigi accidentally arrives in a country called Unconcia and meets a mysterious force that gives him psycho-kinetic abilities. These capabilities allow you to capture everything - enemies, coins and even parts of the environment and use them as a line , And later also take control of enemies and temporarily use their special power. In the game more than 30 different stages when each one controls a king that Waluigi should be overthrown with the aim of taking over all of Unconcia land.

Without a doubt Psycho Waluigi is a game of surprising quality. Its control is excellent, and Voloji's abilities are fun to use, and its stages are many and varied. Definitely a must-have game for all Nintendo fans among you.

Sonic Fan Remix

With 3D graphics that surpasses some of Sega's modern and original Sonic games, there is no doubt that Sonic Fan Remix is ​​the most graphically invested game on the list. It was created by two Sonic fans called Mercury and Pelikan13 who decided to bring back the playfulness of the original Sonic games to Mega Drive and CD Saga, but with modern graphics.

The result is impressive and feels like a real Sonic game, ironically also looking better than some of the steps from the official Sonja Sonica game released in 2010, the year Sonic Fan Remix was released.

Unfortunately, this is not a finished game, but its blood contains three stages in total, and at least for now it seems that the project has been abandoned.

Super Smash Bros. Crusade

If you liked the Smash Bros games and tried to imagine how they would look in two dimensions, Super Smash Bros. Crusade is the answer. Super Smash Bros is a kind of easy hitting game, where all the familiar characters of In one arena, with the goal of getting your opponents out of the arena.

Super Smash Bros. Crusade leaves no one outside, and you can play it with all your favorite characters as well as characters that are not available in the original games and probably will never appear in them, such as Goku, Chun Li, Reimann and many characters Which have no official representation. Definitely emphasizes the beauty in fan games that can act by imagination.


The investment in details in the game is cut down in every character and character, each of which has various attacks and combos taken directly from their original games. And when you practice a bit, you can choose to play against friends in a situation of up to six players.

Super Smash Bros. Crusade is currently maintained by a group of seven developers, who publish frequent updates that improve gameplay, fix problems and add characters and arenas, so it is worth keeping track of their progress on the Facebook page of the game.


Conflict of Interest

Fans of the Phoenix Wright games, who are already looking forward to the next game in the series, can now take comfort in the Phoenix Wright: Conflict of Interest game that takes place after the fourth game. You play Phoenix Wright, a defense lawyer whose job is to prove the innocence of innocent clients accused of murder. The game is from the visual Nobel genre, and includes parts of the investigation in which you examine the scene of the crime and researchers eyewitnesses, and parts that take place in the court itself.

Conflict of Interest presents you four complete chases written by the fans of the series, including a cast of interesting new characters and quite a few old characters from the previous games.

The creators of the game tried very hard to maintain the original style of writing, so it is easy to be confused and think that this is a regular Phoenix Wright game. It will take you no less than 16 hours to finish the four existing chips, and the fifth case is under development. Highly recommended for fans of the series.

Pokémon Insurgence

Pokemon games have dozens of versions of fan games, which created new adventures in existing and new areas, but one of the most interesting is Pokémon Insurgence created by a user reddit named thesuzerain and maintained by a whole team of developers and quality checkers.

Unlike original Pokemon games that require content suitable for small children, Pokemon games of fans set the rules themselves. And Pokémon Insurgence adapts itself to the adult audience, with a darker plot that takes some victims along the way.

The game takes place in a new area called Torren, an area populated by five sects that worship legendary pokemon and believe in human sacrifices to summon them for their own purposes. The main character this time is not a normal child, but a kid who has been kidnapped by a cult and manages to escape from it through a mysterious mystery, the plot is an original and interesting game.

Make no mistake, the league and the institutes are still there, but it's much more interesting to make this journey for the millionth time, when there really is a good story in the background.

In the new area you will find Pokemon from all six generations, as well as Pokemon Delta, the invention of the game, which are Pokemon genetic experiments and therefore their type and appearance vary. For example, the Delta-type Hermander is a wind dragon and not a fire. In addition, you will also find original Mega Pokemon, trading and online battles, clothing stores and features like fast guard.

This is not yet a fully completed game and its plot is not yet complete, but it will take you several dozen hours to get there. In any case, frequent updates are constantly coming out, and the game has a whole supportive community, so it will not disappear soon. Pokemon lovers - this is not a game you want to miss.

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If Pokemon: Type Wild had all the Pokemon it could have been one of the great games.
I loved the concept very much just a shame that it is very limited 🙂


And again, great video 🙂
I would really be happy if the chapter was longer ...

And a small question, why in 720p rather than in 1080p?


And again, a great video :) I would really be happy if the episode was longer ... and a small question, why at 720p and not at 1080p?

This chapter is a bit old, so I do not remember why I ran into 720 🙂 Part II already in 1080P.