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Changing Place, Changing Luck: The Success of Far Cry 5

The new game of Breaking popularity records for the series, even when not everyone loves the latest direction

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the mother The transition of the Far Cry series From exotic and semi-fictional areas to a semi-fictional but somewhat relevant version of the United States has managed to breathe new life into the brand? According to all the testimonies, it appears that the answer here is "yes, definitely."

At the distributor (Ubisoft) announced that the first sales week of the title is the most successful in the series So far, with estimated revenues of about $ 310 (!) Doubling its record 4, as well as second place for the entire company, after Tom Clancy's The Online Division, which was accompanied by very high expectations as part of a significant delay in its arrival.

Most of the actors and critics loved the 5 - and point your feet in a way that is hard to ignore

Simple account, and Careful evaluation A market research firm, concludes that Far Cry 5 has sold about five million copies on the PlayStation 4 and And personal computers - and this is an impressive number, with many prominent key titles not always getting to it, certainly not within a single week. For comparison, Resident Evil 7, which was launched more than a year ago and was highly regarded, has just crossed a similar sales threshold of 5.1 million copies on all platforms.

According to the SteamSpy Sales Website, Of the game is about 700,000 copies to the value - that is, there are more than 4 million copies of additional consoles versions of the home And Microsoft

73 percent of positive reviews 12,000 players for Far Cry 5 are not as impressive as sales (or professional visitors, where 75 scores from 100 to 84 were obtained from 100 according to Metacritic data) With the lowest percentage of all the Far Cry titles to date on the platform, where it seems that the main argument among all those who were not really impressed by the game is that the feeling is too similar to the two predecessors in terms of gameplay. These complaints can be understood to a certain extent, but given commercial success, it will not be surprising to find that Friday's title (and perhaps a few more spin-off titles) are already in stages .

A refreshing map editor that gives a lot of freedom to creators and special and special DLC content are the ones that helped the great success?

Have you either purchased Far Cry 5, or have waited for the price? Trimmed before you add it to your library? Let's talk about it in comments.


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  1. Indeed an amazing game, and indeed a lot of bugs. Most of the time I came across precisely when playing with a friend in coop.

    Anyone who loves far cry, and is not scared of primal (in a way that never wants to hear about farcry), will really love what they did with 5.

  2. Notice what happens that the developer is working with AMD on game development.

    AMD tickets simply crush Noida's tickets.

  3. Just wow. The game with the most idiotic ending (s) ever. This causes the end of POP's REBOOT to show genius in comparison.

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