Standing at the high end: The reviews of the Fallout 4 are here. • HWzone

Standing at the high end: Reviews of the Fallout 4 are here

The new post-apocalyptic action game has been launched, and to our delight it seems that most critics and players agree that this is a great experience that respects the brand, even if it is not perfect

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After an informal expectation of more than five years and an official expectation of about six months - Fallout 4, The new title in one of the favorite series in the gaming universe that comes from one of the keys estimated in business, landed in stores versions versions of consoles - And PlayStation 4 and PC-based PCs Through the E-.

So what do the first and lucky experimenters think of the new post-apocalyptic creation? So far, most of them seem to agree that the game is definitely delivering the goods, despite the almost impossible stalemate placed by countless fans, both young and old, scattered all over the world.


In the visitors, the game receives a respectable score 87 from 100 For the PLAYSTATION 4, based on 49 Reviews Currently, 88 from 100 To the Xbox One version based on 24 reviews as well 87 from 100 To the Based on 19 Reviews. These grades are slightly lower than the average scores given to Fallout 3 at the time, but also higher than those of Fallout New Vegas, slightly higher than those of Fallout 2 and similar to those of the original Fallout nearly two decades ago.

All critics agreed that this is a vast, diverse, intriguing open world that causes the actor to fall in love and "get lost" in search of new adventures, but there were also some who impressed them a little less than before, and misrepresented the plot and characters that most fail to leave a significant seal, management system The equipment and belongings of the player that continues to be cumbersome and uncomfortable as it was in Fallout 3, Oblivion and Before that, and even graphics that are not always overly impressive - though this last section is likely to become much less relevant in the future, with the arrival of the modeling tools that will allow domain enthusiasts to provide us with new textures and models that completely change the look and visual quality of the title (for the better).

Bethesda, is not it time to move on to menus that are more comfortable and intuitive?
Bethesda, is not it time to move on to menus that are more comfortable and intuitive?

In the PC players, the situation is somewhat less impressive with about 80 percent of positive scores, based on approximately 8,300 votes In Steam, With most of the disputed claims relating to technical issues with which the game was launched (not unlike any of Bethesda's previous open world games, in fact), which cause critical crashes and bugs throughout the game. Assuming that most of these problems will be fixed over the next few days with patches or a number of patches, it seems likely that this average will climb slightly upwards - after all, beyond the technical problems, the vast majority of players seem to be satisfied with the product itself.

Destructoid was one of the few sites to "upset" the new game with a score of 7.5 from 10 only

Fallout 4 has scored well in all categories, which actually puts it at the top of our ranking for the 2015 end-of-year launch season - and yet we believed we would see even higher scores for the game, which would point not only to Fallout 3's wonderful quality restoration, but also The canals above it are thanks to the addition of many significant and very extensive elements, such as the resource collection system and the creation of objects and structures.


It may be that launching Fallout 4 together with Bethesda's renowned modeling tools (which could allow the community to quickly fix some of the issues with the title launched) would help it get scores approaching the 95 mythological area of ​​100 and north, which is reserved for only a few individual titles, But on the other hand, it seems that sometimes you just have to settle for something - Fallout 4 is another fine open world game, which will presumably stand alongside The Witcher 3 and Metal Gear Solid 5 in a tough fight for the 'Game of the Year' title, and will also help to solidify 2015's position as one Some of the best years of gaming in the past decade.

Although the scores are lower than we expected - it was certainly worth waiting for the Fallout 4
Although the scores are lower than we expected - it was definitely worth the wait for Fallout 4

You already are You've started to indulge To Fallout 4? Tell us about your impressions and complaints (if any) in the comments!


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  1. I did not have any serious bugs at all. Only visual and momentary. And they may be because of the weak (relatively) computer.

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