Summer Sale Shop GOG: Let's get a free game and discounts up to 90 per cent

The store without file protections opens up in a very large deals project and gives the title Obduction at no charge

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Another very interesting weekend for gamers is coming to us - this time it's actually the modest alternative store Which provides us with reasons to waste.

Before you look at the range of deals available as part of the summer sale in a store where all products are devoid of DRM protection of any kind - highly recommended Sign in to this link And get free access to the great adventure game Obduction, the creator of the Myst series launched in 2016 and holding an average 4.3 rating from 5 on the platform. The title will be available free of charge only for the next 24 hours, so hurry up and take advantage of the opportunity as soon as possible!


Among the many discounts in the store It is worth noting that Bioshock Infinite, in its full version, together with all the DLC content at the price of 13.5 dollars, the addictive role playing game of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen in 9 dollars, the Project Warlock project at 8.4 USD, the Homeworld package: Remastered Collection in 7 Dollar, a turn-by-turn strategy game Into the Breach at the price of 7.5 Dollar, the latest action-role game Shadows: Awakening on 16 and more. Definitely worth a look at Full list.

Project Warlock

Want another free game? You can get it now from the Epic Store, which divides the unique action title City of Brass Over the coming week - with a program to replace him in the Kingdom New Lands role-playing game at 6 in June. Enjoy!

City of Brass