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Steam Summer Specials: Day Two

Great Deals in the Online Store We continue today. Let's see what are the hottest deals on the net right now

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after The impressive opening yesterday, Steam's summer promotions continue to become even more varied. So without too many introductions, below The most interesting deals Which can be found on the site for the next day (or 12 hours):


  • A package that includes all six Hitman games (yes, the Sniper Challenge) and all the DLC content added to them - at $ 8 only. Those who want to invest a little more can get a crazy package that includes all the games of the former distributor (Eidos), including all those Hitman titles and other favorite series like , Deus Ex and Just Cause, at 31.2 Dollars
  • Those who have so far been unable to acquire Assassin's Creed: Unity due to the many technical problems that accompanied its launch will now be able to receive it at the discount of 40, which translates into the price of 36 dollars
  • The latest strategy game Gray Goo, at the price of 20 dollars
  • Dirt: Rally, which was announced for Early Access only recently, is already being offered Of 26.25 dollars
  • Portal 2, one of the best games ever created, offers 5 dollars for all those who have seriously sinned and have not yet experienced
  • The Forest, an exhilarating first-person action game in the early access program, can be discounted at the price of 10 dollars
  • Wasteland, playing inXile's finest roles, half price - 20 dollars to the standard version or 30 dollars to the Deluxe Digital version
  • Lords of the Fallen is offered at $ 25, half its price - as is its "source", Dark Souls 2 in the improved version of the Scholar of the First Sin
  • Two more recent titles, Project CARS and Pillars of Eternity, are offered for the first time at discounted prices of 37.5 and 33.75 respectively
  • The package Complete Pack, which includes all of the content that Wallav has created from its inception, from the original Half Life, through Team Fortress, Day of Defeat and Half Life 2, to Portal Games, Counter Strike and Left 4 Dead - -40.3 dollars
  • For dessert, the latest titles in the Command & Conquer series (from?), Command & Conquer 3 and its expansion pack, through Alert 3 and its expansion pack to the last and fourth Command & Conquer IV, all at the price of between 3.3 and $ 4.4 one dollar

Have you found any other great deals that we missed? As always, you are welcome to tell us about them in comments.

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