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Summer Specials: Deus Ex Human Revolution at $ 4 only

4 Update: We know most of you are busy with Amazon's huge (or not so huge?) Deals on this day - but also The operations of Green Man Gaming Continue, under the slogan 'world domination', and with much Great for games that are less familiar, but equally worthy. We have collected eight suggestions that you will not want to lose:

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  • Deus Ex series games at proper discounts - Deus Ex Human Revolution Director'sCut for only 4 dollars, as well as Deus Ex GOTY and Deus Ex 2 for 1.4 each
  • A package that includes both the latest and best XCOM games (Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within) and all their DLC content, at the price of 10 dollars
  • Planetary Annihilation, the spiritual heir to the classic Total Annihilation, at a very short price of only 5 dollars (currently unavailable in stock - check back soon)
  • A package that includes the addictive 5 Civilization, and all its expansion packs, at the price of 12 dollars only
  • Act of War and its expansion pack High Treason, a real-time strategy game that does not get enough credit (but it does get a spiritual successor called Act of Agression, which many of you liked), 4 in total dollars (2 for the game and 2 for the expansion pack)
  • The rather unique action role, Rise and the Argonauts, in 2.4 dollars
  • The Banner Saga, the great strategy game at 4
  • Real-time real-time strategy game, Faces of War, for a single dollar

like before, Also this time all the excellent prices are after entering the coupon code 'GMGSUM-MERSAL-E20OFF', Or coupon code 'DEALZO-NGMGSA-LESVVC', Which give 20 additional discount rates on the existing price. Pleasant shopping!


3 Update: Thursday of promotions - This time in the field of nightmares (or horror, if you will). This time, too, we've collected seven suggestions you shouldn't miss:

  • Premium Bioshock Infinite for $ 6 only. Additionally and- Classic 2 for 4 each
  • The Evil Within, a successful horror game from last year, at the price of a wink of 12 dollars
  • A package that includes Dead Island and its Riptide expansion package, at 4.8 Dollars
  • Necrovision, the title of a unique first-person action that has never been appreciated for it deserves, at a particularly funny price of 0.8 cents. Also, its expansion pack Lost Company will cost you extra 1.6 dollars
  • All three titles of the funny and exciting Overlord series, at 4.8 dollars only
  • The bizarre action game Killer is Dead, at 3.2 dollars
  • Painkiller: Black Edition, a must-have game for anyone who likes action games, at 1.6 Dollars

like before, Also this time all the excellent prices are after entering the coupon code 'GMGSUM-MERSAL-E20OFF', Or coupon code 'DEALZO-NGMGSA-LESVVC', Which give 20 additional discount rates on the existing price. Pleasant shopping!


2 Update: Operations at GMG Enter the fourth day, this time with an emphasis on simulation games of all kinds. So as always, so that you do not get lost, we have collected the five most interesting suggestions, in our opinion:

  • GOD 2's great racing game, QODMASTERS, for just $ 6. In addition, the original GRID is offered for only $ 3, and the extended Reloaded version of GRID 2 (with all DLC content) is offered at 13.6 USD
  • Cities: Skylines, a mountain-building game that has become a huge success, with a price tag of only $ 16
  • Spintires, another game with modest roots (this time from the truck racing genre) that became a hit hit, at 6 Dollar
  • Dirt Rally's latest and impressive Kodastras, which is currently in the midst of its early access phase, at a price Of 24.5 USD (instead of 36 USD)
  • Classic and very favorite Rollercoaster Tycoon series games at decent discounts - the first full title in Deluxe for 1.9 dollars, the second in its full version in 3.2 dollars, and also the Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 in the Platinum version with all its additions in 6.4 dollars

pay attention - As before, this time too, all prices are excellent after entering the coupon code 'GMGSUM-MERSAL-E20OFF', Or coupon code 'DEALZO-NGMGSA-LESVVC', Which give 20 additional discount rates on the existing price. Pleasant shopping!


updating: GMG's surprising operations continue today, This time marked by adventure games and quests - And we don't necessarily mean Monkey Island and its friends. So that you don't get alone, we've compiled eight interesting suggestions for you to consider and consider:

  • The Elder Scrolls: , The one and only, priced at only 4 dollars - or the full Legendary Edition at 8 dollars
  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, for the 8 Dollar
  • The excellent and unique action game Ziggurat, Which we presented to you Last year, one of the titles you should not miss, at a very attractive price of 4.8 dollars only
  • Lords of the Fallen, Dark Souls' stepfather, for $ 15 - about a quarter of its original price
  • For fans of the genre, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, one of the most successful MMORPG in the environment, at 12 dollars only
  • All games and expansion packs of the unique and successful Mount & Blade series, for a total price of 17.2 USD
  • The favorite Indie game (especially for Co-Op with friends) Magicka, along with all the added content that was ever produced for it, and there was a lot of it, at the price of a spark of 6.4 on
  • The high-quality, non-familiar role-playing game Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms, at 12 Dollar

All prices are indicated after entering the coupon code 'GMGSUM-MERSAL-E20OFF' Which gives 20 additional discount rates on the existing price. Pleasant shopping!

Original Article: After the Humble Store, Also the Green Man shop Get into high gear with According to areas and topics that will change daily

As you must have already understood, we are Lovers operational Gaming Online. Very loving. Therefore, we are very pleased to see that even after the end of GOG and Steam's grandiose promotions, there are those who continue to indulge us in quick deals - and this time it is the popular third party Green Man , Which is launched in summer campaigns in a slightly different format According to various topics - every day, the best of tradition.


Offers currently available Deal with the ultimate enemies that everyone likes to eliminate (after the Nazis) - zombies. Please note that in addition to the promotional prices listed on the site, the coupon code 'GMGSUM-MERSAL-E20OFF'Will provide you with an additional 20 discount, and make some of the offers much more rewarding.


The most intriguing operation within the current day is no doubt about Dying Light, The successful and successful zombie creator of Dead Island, launched at the beginning of the year and now available (with a discount of 25 and a further discount of 20 per cent on the balance with the coupon code) at 36 dollars only, the lowest cost we have encountered so far. It is highly recommended to take this opportunity, if you have not already done so.

Other impressive promotions include a bundle of a pair of Left 4 Dead series games at only 6 dollars, the successful indie game Killing Floor at 4 Dollars, the first season of the adventure games The Walking Dead from Telltale Games at 5 Dollars, the second season of the same series of games Great for 6.8 dollars - and also Dead Rising 3 in the Apocalypse Edition, at a cost of only 16 dollars.

If this is not enough, GMG also has some very interesting proposals in the framework Her VIP Club (To which you can sign up for free) - The Witcher 3, For example, is available for purchase at half its price, 30 dollars only, plus Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is offered at 23 only, the Project Cars racing game carries a price tag of 35 dollars, and Dark Souls 2 in the improved version of the First Sin Sin You have 25 dollars only.

Snatch quickly, before it is over
Snatch quickly, before it is over

We will continue to update you with More at GMG in the next few days, while you are invited to tell us about more equal offers you may have found and we forgot to mention. Enjoyable shopping!


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