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Superman Smash and Smash Batman: Injustice 2 Officially Revealed with a Great Gameplay Game

The action game starring DC World Comics heroes returns to a second round and ensures that every action of yours will be meaningful

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A post that was leaked a few days ago has somewhat ruined this comeback, but it's not so bad: the game that allows you to place all of the company's superheroes One against the other brutal battles returns, pretending to be bigger and more sophisticated.

Injustice 2 is officially unveiled now, just moments before the 3 E2016 exhibition begins, and we will definitely get more details about it. In the meantime we have a very impressive cinematic release film (maybe it's time to create Hollywood movies of super heroes based on CGI?) And a great gameplay video - plus a promise to launch somewhere during the year 2017, and the- 4 meanwhile.

The legendary Ed Boone and his NetherRealm studio, which develop all major Mortal Kombat games, will be responsible for the development in this case also for And Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment - and based on the slogan of the new title, which is clearly expressed in both of its official videos, we are now very strongly focused on changing the characteristics of your chosen character between battle and battle, according to your personal results. Heroes will change their appearance, and perhaps their abilities and characteristics, depending on the previous battles and the victories or losses of the player, although in the meantime we do not have solid concrete information about how all this will be expressed in the game itself.

Watch more updates from us about Injustice 2, and about any new hot games to be shown at the show , very soon.


We may have to wait a few months for the PC version to arrive


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  1. I wonder when they will learn from the game of beatings and will also make a local multi player on the computer

  2. Bye!
    There's no reason Batman should ever be in the game, with all due respect to Francis.
    He has no strength and therefore is not in the same league and has no chance of winning anyone there.
    The logic of the response is based on the reality there.

    1. With all due respect to the level of understanding you think you have is nonsense, Batman defeated everyone in this game at one stage or another in comics, more than that the only main character who can beat Batman from the DC and Marvel comics is Spider-Man
      Ask the Google rot

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