Survival, Thieves and Monsters: Steam gaming

New games are landing and familiar games are getting updates - and all of them are available at very interesting prices this weekend on Wallav's big platform

The games offered by Humble Bundle in its packages and services Did not they satisfy you? Do not worry, There is a lot of reality for you, like every weekend that comes to us. Without burdening unnecessary introductions, knew the outstanding deals for the coming days.

ARK: Survivor Evolved Survival Game, which has just received a new extension package for Extinction, sold for NIS 76 for its basic package - plus NIS 110.47 for Season Pass with all DLC content. If you are not convinced that this product is right for you, you also have the opportunity to download it and try it for free within the next 24 hours, before committing.

ARK: Extinction

The Long Dark survival game, which benefits from a premium 91 percentage of positive reviews based on more than 37,000 users, is sold at a tiny price of 27.73.

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A new game called Thief Simulator offers you to experience life on the wrong side of the law without getting involved or risking the price of 62.85 new shekels.

Thief simulator

The well-known Do not Starve survival game, which has also been awarded a new DLC package, is available at the price of NIS 48.97 for a full collection that includes all the content created for it since the original launch in 2013. Are not you sure this will suit you? You can only purchase the base game at a tiny price of NIS 9.23, as the first step.

The Squad tactical action game (which is in the Early Access program and is not yet finished) is offered at half of its full price, 74.97 shekels - and it is also possible to experiment completely free during the next two days.


The Darkest Dungeon survival-role game is sold at a price tag of 27.88 New Shekels - or NIS 77.07 to Ancestral Edition that includes the three DLC packages that were created for it.

Tyranny is available at a very low price of 55.47 - and the price of 89.98 Shekels for Gold Edition, which adds a pair of expansion packages and a number of nice bonuses.


The Prison Architect and construction game that allows you to do exactly what your name gives away can be yours in exchange for 27.73 New Shekels.

The roleplay and the cool and funny Roguelike Crypt of the NecroDancer, which also enjoys a phenomenal share of 96 percentages of positive reviews of the players on the platform, is sold at 11.19.

Crypt of the NecroDancer

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