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Survive at the end of the world, Explore the Dungeons: Free Games for a Limited Time

Platform Pamper the players with a pair of titles that will be yours for now and forever without spending a penny - provided you pick them up over the next three days

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Make a surprised face: More free games are available at a company store , Just as has happened every week over the past few months - and as always, we find it hard to ignore and have to turn your attention to this generous offer.

The first game you can get for free is Abzû - a (mostly) leisurely and mesmerizing game of underwater exploration, from some of the team that created another wonderful game whose artistic design comes to the fore, Journey.

The title was originally launched on personal computers in 2016 and holds an average of very high quality 83 visitor ratings from 100 - along with 92 positive reviews from players on, Based on more than 13,000 different users. Get it free instead of the standard recommended price of 20 dollars is a very exciting offer for us.


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The second game you will receive is completely different from the first and meets The End is Nigh - a platform title from the famous Edmund Macmillan who is also responsible for the addictive Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac. The game is a kind of spiritual heir to Super Meat Boy, in which you will play a small, not really defined, black creature named Ash, who decides to find more life in a strange and threatening post-apocalyptic world - while skipping from platform to platform in a way that demands maximum accuracy and iron nerve from the gamer. Think you have it? You can get the headline in a few clicks, rather than paying an amount that is usually $ 15.

All of Macmillan's previous games, The End is Nigh, too, received particularly high-quality reactions from the environment - 84 out of 100 from Metacritic visitors and also 92 positive reviews from the players themselves on. Equally worthwhile.

The End is Nigh

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Starting this Friday, the 13 in September, you can also collect the horror game from first person Conarium, Which draws inspiration from the story of the renowned horror writer H.P. Lovecraft and holds 79 positive reviews percentages on - Another opportunity for the genre's gaming enthusiasts and those who just want to see their games library reduced further and further. Nice gaming!



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