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Surviving a nuclear disaster and practicing evolution: Two free quality games are waiting for you

The Metro 2033 Redux and Everything titles are waiting to be added to your library over the next week - and we already have the same free title to replace them

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Another week - another celebration for gamers who want games they haven't tried before without paying for it at all, as is the tradition.

This week the shop Offers a free pair of games from now on, with the wonderful Metro 2033 Redux of A4 Games - a post-apocalyptic action game originally launched in 2010 and released in a more up-to-date version in 2014 which is the one offered here.

This is a kind of spiritual heir to a series of STALKER games with similar elements of mutation, survival and horror in a game that is happening in the Russian Federation - and holds an average worth of 84 from 100 on the Metacritic site, and at an original recommended price of 20 dollars.

Metro 2033 Redux

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Everything is the name of the second free game to be hijacked - a unique and ambitious simulation game that allows players to experience digital evolution equivalent to billions of years of existence, with the transition between different life forms from the most tiny we know to stars and whole solar systems. The game enjoys an average of 78 positive reviews from 100 on Metacritic, and is sold for most days at a price of 15 dollars to those interested.


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At the same time as the free games, the Epic Store is also running a venture For the entire Metro Games series, it means you can purchase the second installment of the Metro Last Light brand (updated Redux version) at a price of only 5 dollars - while the third and most recent Metro Exodus episode will be available at the price of 40 dollars, or 63.75 dollars along with the package Its Expansion Pass and all its additional content.

Metro Exodus

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Next week, it will be the Minimalist and innovative Minit game that is distributed free to the users - A title launched last year and achieved great commercial success thanks to an unusual concept where each stage of the game only takes 60 seconds, requiring players to draw conclusions and learn from their previous attempts to make the best use of their time.

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