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Basic consumer product: The ten most successful game consoles of all time

Have you ever wondered why only Sony, And Microsoft remain to compete in the home game machine market? This article will explain the reasons for this

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Since the 1970s, when the gaming industry has begun to evolve, it has only continued to grow slowly into an industry that has billions of billions a year. This success contributed quite a bit The games, which brought the gaming experience from the arcade halls directly to the TV in the living room, and the mobile consoles that became long journeys are much less boring.

In the next article, you will find out who the consoles were doing all the right moves, and were so successful that they sold millions on millions of units.

Nintendo Entertainment System

The NES console, the company's first ever console From 1983, was the one that brought back to life the gimmick industry that collapsed in the 1980s. Thanks to a successful combination of true marketing and innovative games for their time like Super Mario, a company Managed to conquer the market and establish itself as a gaming company. With a thirty-two-year veteran, it's pretty amazing that the old console still holds one of the ten best selling consoles with nearly 62 sold.

Game Boy Advance

When the GBA was released in 2001, Has already acquired a reputation for the quality of its portable consoles, after several successful generations of gameboy. It is therefore easy to understand why the gamers did not doubt the company for a moment, and bought eighty-one and a half million units from the innovative mobile console that first introduced 32 bit graphics. With an enormous library of games, and improved versions of the console that Nintendo has released over the years, there is no doubt about why it has been so successful.

PlayStation Portable

In 2004 Sony surprised everyone with its own portable console. Until that year, Was still considered the sole ruler of the mobile consoles market, so Sony's move was certainly brave. The PSP presented three-dimensional graphics that have not yet been seen on an instrument , And some interesting features like a digital store, and the possibility of playing one PlayStation game on it. About 82 of his one million units were sold in total, a number his heir, the PS VITA that sold about four million units, can only dream of.

PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 console, released in 2006, introduced a significant jump in graphics, a network store, an improved online game and the ability to play Bluray movies, making it also an entertainment media at an attractive price. Compared with the previous generation, the 3 was already a serious competition against And Microsoft, but still managed to sell no less than 83.8 million units. And this is probably the reason that even though it has been nine years already, and the 4 player has been here for a long time, they still play games.

Xbox 360

The race between the PlayStation 3 and 360 just released a year ago was particularly tight, but Microsoft came out on top, selling a little more - about 84 a million units. After Microsoft's first console, the Xbox, was relatively successful but nowhere near the numbers of PlayStation 2, Microsoft undoubtedly succeeded in overcoming itself and creating an improved product in every way, which convinced millions Select it and leave , Of course, except those who can afford the two consoles.


When the Wii console came out on 2006, they did not give it too much chance against the competitors, the Sony 3 and the Xbox 360. Its graphics were not as good, and the strange and innovative sign looked more like a gimmick. But, with cheaper console pricing and marketing that appealed to a much wider audience, at the end of the show he managed to beat everyone and sell more than 101 million units. While his competitors approached people who were defined Especially in youth ages and older, Huey appealed to everyone, children, adults, and even those who are just casual actors. And you can definitely see the effect of being on the competition, when after a few years they realized the striped potential and so came to the world of PlayStation Move and the Kinket, both of which were not very successful, and only prove that usually She knows what she's doing.


In the early 1990s, competition in the home consoles market was mainly between Sega, but all that changed in 1994 when you joined Threw a bomb into her own console. While the other consoles were still trying to buy gamers' hearts with bit numbers, the Playstation was already talking in polygons. He introduced 3D graphics, bigger and more sophisticated games, and his successful marketing for both children and adults led to an increase in the target audience and helped him sell 102.5 a million units. The Playstation left dust to its competitors, and even made some companies quit the race consoles forever.


When Nintendo released the Gameboy in 1989, apparently even they could not expect the huge success of their mobile console, which created a whole new market for mobile gaming. And thanks to quite a few successful titles that created their own madness like Tetris and Pokemon, the console ran over every competitor and left her no chance. Even the Gamegear, who had only come out a year later and exhibited color graphics, had sold less than a tenth of everything The Gameboy together sold 118 a million units, and this even though the original GameBoy was in black and white.

The good old Gameboy was very popular, and it had a lot of different additives that were created for the pious fans
The good old Gameboy was very popular, and it had a lot of different additives that were created for the pious fans

Nintendo DS

So probably only Nintendo can outdo Nintendo, anyway when you talk about Mobility, because the next portable console on the list is the 2004 Nintendo DS that sells 154 one million units. Although at the time quite a few people thought two screens might be an original idea, but Nintendo would not be able to stand up to Sony's new PSP competitor, She again proved to everyone that graphics is not everything. Thanks to an enormous library of no less than 2,000 games, many of which made smart use of the dual screen, the microphone, and the touch of the lower screen, Continued to dominate the mobile market, surpassing even the original Gameboy sales.

Nintendo's mobile consoles (and Sony's) are a huge hit in the Japanese home market
Mobile consoles (And Sony's) are a huge hit in the Japanese home market

PlayStation 2

The Playstation 2, which was released in 2000 and replaced the original Playstation, was a leap forward in graphics. But one of the reasons he became the popular console is his successful gaming library, which contained games of almost every genre, shots, platform, roles, and of course the genre of rhythm games that flourished during this period. This way, anyone can find games that they connect to, whether you were children, teenagers, or adults. His gaming library contained close to 4000 titles, which continued to come out more than 10 years after the console port. And with no less than 155 million units sold, is by far the most successful console of all time.

The most successful there is - at least until we see what happens with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which so far are sold at a very impressive pace
Most successful - at least until we see what happens with the PlayStation 4 and, Which until now have been sold at a very impressive pace

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