Alternative Parade: The 10 Best Games for 2016

After hearing what happened to visitors and millions in To say, you are invited to find out what is hidden in the summary of the past year in the gaming world, according to GameGems

2016 is officially over, and now we can conclude that this was a very successful year for gamers, maybe a little less for their wallet. Without a doubt, the number of quality games this year was exceptional, and this is the time to review the most successful games of the year.

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Final Fantasy 15

For more than a decade, Final Fantasy fans have been waiting for the fifteenth title in the series, and of course when you expect something so long, reality knocks on the door and finds that the final result is not perfect. So yes, there was really no reason for the long development time, and the game was not free of controversial design decisions, but despite everything Final Fantasy 15 is one special adventure and unforgettable.

In the game you enter the shoes of Prince Noktis, who goes on a short trip to the country neighboring with his friends, but suddenly they find themselves being persecuted by Of an hostile nation, after it had invaded their kingdom when they were not there. Now they must try to return war and control of the kingdom, and the game follows their quest to achieve this goal. The game tried to do a lot of different things from previous games in the series, partly succeeded him more and partly less, but overall very much enjoyed it, so he got to enter the list.

Pokemon Sun & Moon

Pokemon is one of the oldest games in the market with more than 20 years of games behind it, and despite various developments in the series, there were usually no significant differences between game play in the way each game is played.

But then Pokemon Sun & Moon arrived like a fresh breeze, creating for the first time an adventure in a region without institutes and leagues, so you never know what will happen in five minutes. Alongside an interesting plot, new Pokemon and upgraded graphics, this is one of the funniest Pokemon experiences I've had in recent years.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Noti Doge is usually not disappointing, and its new title in the Uncharted Action Games series is really full of action and crazy.

The fourth title takes place about three years after the end of the previous game, when Drake joins his brother, who thought he was dead, and together they embark on a world-wide journey in pursuit of a lost pirate treasure. This is one of the best games in the series and it is certainly the title that entered the mandatory Playlist 4.


Not many are the games whose target audience is adults, and I'm not talking about games designed for 18 children because of excessive violence or inappropriate content, but rather a plot that deals with adult life issues. And this is the Firewatch, where you enter the shoes of a guy named Henry, who for his own reasons decides to take on a job as a forest keeper, an isolated job where his only connection to the outside world is the radio that connects him to Delilah, his boss sitting in another observation tower.

The game follows the growing relationship between Henry and Delilah, as well as the mystery behind a series of strange events that occur in the usually quiet forest, despite the controversial ending, the experience it provides is simply successful and leaves you more than once on the edge.


The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

So yes, it's a game extension rather than an independent title, but it's an extension that feels more like a game in itself. CD Projekt Not so disappointing, and unlike so many modern DLCs that at best add up to a few hours of play, the new Witcher 3 chapter of the world adds to your adventure in a whole new area that will take you no less than thirty hours to complete.

And not only that, it's a beautiful area with new characters, new challenges and an interesting plot that is easy to sink into.


One of the more troubling games I've ever played in, Inside is a platform puzzle game from the studio that brought Limbo, the dark one, a few years earlier.

In the game you control an unknown child in a red shirt, trying to escape from an unclear element. Not only does the whole game make you feel uncomfortable, and without shedding a single drop of blood or taking out one word, its end is one of the greatest "what the hell" moments I have ever experienced in a computer game (and it's not walking).


The XCOM Games series is one of the few currently represented in the genre of strategy in theory, and it does almost perfect work. XCOM 2 occurs about 20 years after the first game events, humanity lost to aliens, and now you as a guerrilla group have to fight against the organized army of aliens that holds in his hands It is much more advanced than yours.

During the game you will have to manage your base and send troops on various missions to prevent the alien master plan from being activated and restore control of the planet to humans. If you are an amateur strategist, love to control every step and move, and are not afraid of a lot of challenge, XCOM 2 is a game you should not miss.


Dark Souls 3

If you mention last year, the previous episode was a game of masochism, the games where your success is built solely on your personal ability and perseverance. The same games that made so many innocent joysticks meet the wall.

So in 2015 it was Bloodborne and this time takes his rightful place Dark Souls 3 from the same studio, acting role-playing game that will meet you with the white in the eyes of crazy bosses and merciless enemies. With new graphics, awesome bosses and new challenges, this is definitely one of the most successful games of the year.


When the new Dod was announced, he received quite a bit of apprehension from the fans who grew up on the old series of games, especially the third game site in the series with very different opinions. But ID Software did not disappoint, and the result is a game that is at the top of everything, the level of difficulty, the monsters, and the constant action.

Definitely an experience for those who grew up on the series, maybe a little less for those who can not digest so much GORE in one place (nevertheless, Gore pixel-like 1-2 is not the same as the 3D today).

Battlefield 1

When a famous war games brand decides to diversify, he returns to the past. So this time series Takes us to the battlegrounds of World War I, and presents a good campaign, a great multiplayer and of course how not, crazy graphics that can not be blinded.

The game does a great job of making you feel that you are right in the middle of the battlefield, with explosions and balls whistling over your head and that of your friends, and providing an excellent experience for anyone who likes the genre of war shooting games.

Stardew Valley

It's quite interesting that this is the second year I mentioned a game created by a single creator and became one of the most successful and successful games of the year, so last time it was Undertale and this year we have Stardow Valley - a combination of role playing and agricultural simulator that takes inspiration from games such as Harvest Moon and -Animal Crossing.

At the beginning of the game your character inherits a neglected farm in a small town called Stardew Valley. From there you have to take care of the farm and increase it, make connections with the neighbors and other residents of the town, and you can even find her a partner. This is definitely a game with high addiction potential for all people who like to grow their digital vegetables, and I think you can sail and say that it is one of the most successful games in the genre.



We'll end up with a game that is definitely a candidate for one of the 2016-Overwatch, a successful online shooting game by Blizzard, a studio known for its ability to take a genre, dress up its style, and polish it to an unimaginable level of fun.

In Overwtach you play in one of the different game modes, where the goal is to defend or attack a certain point on a map or a moving cargo, so you have to choose one of twenty-something heroes, each with a different style and abilities and join a group of people online against Although this is not something that was not done before, Blizzard was able to create characters with eye-catching design and playfulness that was polished and balanced from the very first moment.

From time to time they continue to add new characters and maps, and release comics or clips Which expand the plot of the game world. This is an accessible and fun game for people who have not touched shooting games before and can easily burn for hundreds of hours.

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