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The Empire strikes again, overpriced

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gets Online Praise - But Launch Has Become Grating For The Israeli Audience With Extremely High Price On Steam Platform Store

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Many good words have been written about the new action-role title in the universe of By the distributor And developer Respawn Entertainment, which seems like a pretty rare mix of the opinions of most professional critics (so far) and the opinions of most of the simple gamers who are mostly big fans of the legendary brand that George Lucas of course created - a standout AAA game without micro Various deals that involve investing more and more real money on the part of the player and without half-baked multiplayer game modes, but only on a long and invested single player, already defined on several occasions as the best in the world of Star Wars since Jedi Academy in 2003 or even since Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast in 2002.

Fallen Order is also EA Games' first leading new game in recent years launched on the Parallel to launch on the platform, To give consumers the choice and flexibility they are looking for - just a shame that the distributor did not check the conversion rate between euros and dollars for a new Israeli shekel before pressing their big and sparkling distribution button.

Fallen Order holds above average 80 scores from 100 from both Metacritic's critics and players - which is a pretty rare achievement on this platform for a title from one of the biggest and most prominent companies in the field

The Steam store switched to local currency payment in dozens of countries a few years ago, instead of relying on dollars, euros and a small number of major international currencies - and it was not received with much sympathy from players who feared that title distributors would take the opportunity to round up conversion rates For their own benefit. We have since become accustomed to this reality - but Fallen Order Manages to resurrect these anger with a crazy official NIS 329 price tag for the local audience.

Being a Powerful Jedi is a great pleasure - but not at all costs, especially when the price is about 30 percent of the price of other consumers around the world

This is tens of percent higher than officially offered in Europe and stands at 60 Euros, including the local VAT equivalent - and according to SteamDB it's the most expensive relative price of all domestic titles, which is actually equivalent to 85 Euros. It's unclear why EA Games Decided to impose this fine on players in the country (we really hope this is only a technical mistake, which will be fixed soon), but right now for players in the country it is not advisable to purchase Fallen Order via Steam - it is better to do so Through the EA Personal Origin StoreWhere the price stands at a standard 60 Euro which is about NIS 235 in direct conversion including expected conversion fee.

The title can be purchased through Origin, a physical copy in stores, or even through online third-party vendors that will give you a passcode for - Any such solution would be significantly cheaper than a direct purchase through Steam

Fallen Order is now available for purchase on the PlayStation 4 and And for PCs priced at 60 dollars (about NIS 210) for physical copy at Amazon, at 60 dollars for digital copy at Epic Store and at Store, priced at 60 Euros in the Origin Store or freely subscribed to the Origin Access Premier / EA Access services of EA monthly fee of 15 Euros - and at prices starting at 217 at local stores here in Israel. No matter what you choose, it is evident that each of these ways to get the title will save you dozens of dollars compared to the scandalous price of.

The price comparisons in all local currencies record a huge difference to the Israeli consumer's disadvantage and make us believe that this is a strange mistake that will be corrected in the coming days
Image source: steamdb.info

Planning to purchase and play this new title, or have you already started doing so in the two days since it became officially available? Let's talk about it in the comments.

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