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King Of Action Games: The Story Behind Doom

Find out what caused the creation of the famous action series of all that has accompanied us for almost more than 20 years

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And this time the story behind one of the most influential gaming industry of all time. A game that was considered the father of the First Person Shooters games and years later gaming companies referred to it as the Bible of shooting games. A game so good, that even today more than 20 years after he left, people are still playing in the original game modes from 1993. Of course we are talking about .

The Story Of Starts in a computer game development company called Id Software, founded in 1991 by four members: John Karmak, John Romero, Adrian Karmak and Tom Hall. And a game he and his friends have always sought to learn from the previous game and continue to develop innovative ideas to propel the gaming world forward.

For example, Commander Keen, the team's first game, was the first game he showed Who compare to games From that period. If once the game went to another screen you had to wait a few seconds to load the next screen, using John Carmack's brilliant tricks they managed to eliminate this need, and create one of the iconic games for the computer of that period.

Hovertank 3D and Catacomb 3D were the company's first two attempts to create 3D first-person games on a graphical engine that was also developed by Karmac. For a second, and this is also about powerful computers - his engine allowed a smoother view of lesser computers, and was the basis for their next innovative game: Wolfenstein 3D.


That's where it started

John Romero was a fan of a game called Castle Wolfenstein, a stealth action shooting game where you must explore a castle full of Nazi soldiers and get out alive with their battle plans. And just as the id friends were looking for their next game idea, he heard that the company that created Castle Wolfenstein had gone bankrupt and not renewed the copyright on the game. Id software jumped on the bargain and decided to create a type of three-dimensional remake, and call the game Wolfenstein 3D. The result was an extraordinary game of production quality, and one of the most violent games the industry has ever seen. At that time it was rare to see a game in which your enemies screamed in pain, blood-clotted blood and the weapons that sounded so real. The game became a crazy success and put the id on the map.

Now the eyes of the gamer audience were married to id software in anticipation of their next game, and id normally started looking for a new idea.

One day, the members of the company's headquarters began a game of dungeons and dragons as they would occasionally do when John Krameck played the role of labyrinthine master. During the game John Romero desired a magical sword, thus causing the world to be flooded with demons. Then suddenly the penny fell. They loved Fiction, especially In the style of "The Return of the Eighth Traveler". Only they thought to themselves, what if instead of aliens, the game would deal with demons who invaded a gate that opened to hell? Your character, landed At the base of Mars, in such a case we had to fight all the devilish monsters that came out.


They began working on their new idea vigorously, when Cramak worked on improving the engine and turning the environment into a dynamic with variable lighting, and John Romero for writing the code behind the game, design and some of the sound effects.

The company's graphic designers drew ideas from a number of artworks that they had in an office called Necronomicon by a Swiss artist named Hans Rudolf Geiger. The book contained disturbing surrealistic paintings inspired by the designs of the monsters, the soldiers who can be found in the stages and the design of the environment.

To put the actors into the right atmosphere, id software hired the services of Robert Prince, composer and designer Who composed a tough metalcore Sontrack that was based on the metal classics of the period.

Tom Hall, the company's creative director, saw the game as more of an action game, and tried to write a plot game. He was so connected to her that he wrote an entire book called "Doom bible," which contained entire dialogues, information about various characters, and even a number of possible endings. But in the end, John Karmak dismissed the idea outright by saying, "A video game plot is like a porn movie plot. It's expected to be there, but it's not really important." In a period of rapid development in technology, he saw the plot as marginal compared to graphics and games. The argument between the two and other problems in the labor relationship eventually led to Hull leaving the company.

In 1993 the game landed on the shelves of stores, and completely deranged the audience of gamers who got a glimpse of future gaming. It was a pure-action game, which was not a thin moment, definitely a game that had not been seen before.

In addition, the game also allowed friends to play together in Co-op mode or against each other in Death Match mode and with its huge popularity, made these terms part of the mainstream.

The second game in the series came out a year later on 1994. Our space lander returns to Earth only to discover that he too is badly infected with hell and embarks on a mission he is so good at - the elimination of demons. 2 no longer introduced significant technological improvements nor was it so different from its predecessor. But he did introduce new monsters with the addition of New, higher difficulty level and design stages less linear, and later received quite a few extensions that added new stages.


Doom 3, on the other hand, came out after a particularly long hiatus - only in 2004, ten years after its predecessor, since ID has meanwhile devoted its time to an equally successful blockbuster - Quake. When they came back to work on 3, they did what they decided not to do first and .. Add to him plot and characters secondary, probably in the spirit of the time in which the plot has become an integral part of games. The game received favorable reviews but was also accompanied by complaints that the game was too dark and that at some point it was starting to repeat itself. It was still the most successful title in the Dom series, with three and a half million copies sold.

This time it took him more than a decade, and only in May of this year We got to see a new title in the series, Which can be said to be a kind of boot to the original Dom. You can see that id took the complaints seriously and their new game is a kind of wink to my fans , Who have received exactly what they have been waiting for so many years - a game about the purity of action with modern graphics that makes the whole business particularly intense.


Doom model 2016, who makes sure to clarify that he has not forgotten his glorious roots

It is not known if there will be more games In the future, but for sure, it's a brand that has influenced so much about the gaming world that it probably will never really disappear from our minds.

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