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Gaming: The Grand Entertainer

Also the summer operations of the Green Man shop Almost finished, and they are taking advantage of the last few hours to give you a golden opportunity to fill in the blanks with all the operations that make available simultaneously

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We really do not know if you still have money after Steam's big operations, GOG's operations, the latest Humble Bundle packages and of course the grandiose-but-somewhat disappointing Prime Day day of , But if so - you now have about two days to take advantage of some of the best deals around.

The GMG store decided to go the way of the competition, ending the summer operations with an 48 encore with hours where all the week and half discounts are returned. So if you have been debating and late or just haven't seen it - now is your best opportunity to go to the village.


We accompanied GMG's operations from day one, so our recommendations for great games are at even greater prices here וhere, But in order not to entangle you too much, we chose the eight ultimate deals, in our opinion, from all that is currently on the site:

  • Dishonored, the game of stealth-action from 2012, in the Game of the Year version with all its DLC content, for 8.2 dollars only
  • The Elder Scrolls: , Which really does not need to be presented to anyone, for just $ 4 for the base version or $ 8 for the Legendary Edition version, with all the added content
  • The best restart for the series Which came to us in 2013, in the Game of the Year version with all the additional content that was offered for it, at 6 Dollars
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, the successful MMORPG version of the famous role-playing series, at a price that will help make addiction easier than ever - $ 12 total
  • A package that includes the original Just Cause, as well as the exciting Just Cause 2 and all its DLC content - for a total price of only 3.8 dollars
  • A package that includes Portal and Portal 2, two of the funniest, most original and valued games ever created, on 5 dollars
  • Metro Last Light: Redux and Metro 2033: Redux, great action games that are different from almost anything else you'll find on the market, at 5 dollars each
  • For dessert, Mark Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure - an older and less familiar game than the rest of this list, but unique and wonderful on its way, and available for a hilarious price of 1.8 dollars
It is worth noting that there is Also very wary of Wolfenstein's great action title: The New Order and its expansion pack The Old Blood, which are available at prices of 12 and 4 dollars respectively - but due to different distributors in different locations around the globe This is specifically not available to purchasers from Israel, but only for those who use DNS services Suitable

pay attention, As before - this time, too, all of the deals mentioned in this article are based on an additional discount of 20 percent of the price indicated on the site when you use the coupon code "ENCORE-ENCORE-ENCOREUpon purchase.

Hurry to take advantage of the offers - they will end on Thursday, the 23 in July, at 18: 00 clock .

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