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Royal at a reasonable price: Black Ops 4 is offered at 12 on the Humble Bundle website

The latest installment in the series Available at the lowest price to date

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The Humble Monthly Monthly Listing Service that delivers a "secret" game package each time over continues to try to expand its target audience with the help of prominent AAA titles - and after Assassin's Creed Origins last month This time he is Call of duty: Black Ops 4 in its chosen version chosen to decorate the gate.

Last year's action title that introduced a big change to the familiar formula and abandoned the single-player game mode for online game modes that combine plot lines is partly offered to existing subscribers to the Humble Monthly service and to new subscribers at a cost of 12 dollars (NIS XNUM) each month - In its version of Battle Edition Whose original price stands at 40 dollars. In this release, you will have access to all of the Black Ops 4's competitive and collective game modes and features, including the massive Royal Cancer mode of course, without access to the added zombie content available in the full version priced at $ 60 or higher.

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Even if you are not a fan Jury, it's hard to argue that this is a very lucrative cost for relatively up-to-date titles that are highly acclaimed - and it's worth pointing out that access to the title is immediate with the payment, without waiting for the rest of May's games to be revealed later, and the registration itself is without obligation so you can cancel your subscription next month , If the service is not to your liking for one reason or another.

Please note that for the game you will need a client and an active account on Blizzard and Activision's service, through which the game is currently available exclusively on the PC market

Black Ops 4 is not alone in the campaign, as mentioned, for the $ 12 payment you will receive a number of other games that will be revealed later this month - which will make your digital library richer and even more fiery. How can I refuse? Welcome to take the opportunity right now.

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