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Meet the great action games of the year

So what will the current year look like in gaming? According to two of the largest distributors in the field, it will be very similar to what we have seen in the past

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Many of the leading titles that will be launched later this year have yet to be revealed, but it seems that as we get closer to the summer blockbuster season, these plans will become more and more obvious - Each in turn declares a new game to be the heir to an existing brand.

In Activision, the US is the traditional annual chapter in the series of never-ending actions , Which will be developed this time in the studio Treyarch under the name Black Ops 4 - Continue to the plot line that began in 2010.

Call-Duty's new sub-brand

This game will be the number of 15 (!) In the main series of And will be launched in the best tradition during the month of October, for personal computers and current generation consoles And Microsoft - with the first real details we will receive in two months, at 17 in May.

The buzz is starting to build right now, but we'll probably get the look of the game in just two months

With the French distributor They decided to reveal the very existence of The Division 2 (or Clancy's Division 2), the online collaborative action game that began exactly two years ago - with the same studio that will be responsible for all the production, the same graphics engine but also a promise of new stories and experiences for the fans. .

The sequel indicates that the source is a success story, or perhaps the opposite?

It is not certain that the second division will be launched during the year 2018, especially if you take into account the great delay in launching the first installment of the series, but it is certainly a logical possibility that already had precedents from In the past - which is somewhat strengthened by the fact that the distributor has not yet announced any leading title it plans to bring to stores in the second half of the year.

The Division was criticized for not being able to live up to its great early promises - but nevertheless it has successfully gained a loyal audience of actors as the passage of time passed

Is there any reason to be enthusiastic about the newlyweds, or is it an illustration of all that is wrong with modern gaming? Share your opinions with comments.

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