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The Alternative Parade: Games that were a big disappointment

Get to know the titles that promised us all to be innovative and revolutionary - and then come across a reality where everything is much less rosy and glamorous

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The gaming industry is one of the world's most lucrative media industries, with billions of dollars being rolled around each year. It is not surprising, then, that gaming companies spend huge amounts on advertising and marketing to make gamers run to the stores to buy themselves a copy as soon as the game is released. But unfortunately, in quite a few cases it turns out that this is a double-edged sword.

The companies build such an insane anticipation, and then it turns out that the game may not be bad, but not necessarily what we thought it would be and the result is simply disappointing. So here are some games that the hype train did to them only bad.

No Man's Sky

The game everyone loved to hate on 2016, No Man's Sky's main problem was not that it wasn't a good game, because Thessalon was not as bad as they were, but the creators of the game created a very compelling illusion about a game experience that didn't look like it yet. And not only did they not meet the same illusion, lies about pitchers were caught in a game that didn't appear, so much so that they had to undergo an investigation by the ASA, a British organization that verifies advertising (and exits eligible should be noted), and probably broke a record in the number of players it required Refund.

The trailers promised us something unimaginable - an open-air Sandbox game with crazy graphics that allows us to travel our spacecraft to an infinite number of different stars, all randomly created so that each one has a different climate and different creatures that populate it, and fight huge battles in space.

In fact, it turned out that the stars were not so different from each other, the gameplay was very repetitive and even tiring in part and the game suffered a few bugs, and space battles? Leave a bad taste in your mouth.

It should be noted that since the company has released several updates to the game that greatly improved his experience, but the damage to the name of the company and the game has already been done.

Mighty No. 9

Megaman is one of the best iconic games ever. But unfortunately it seems to have been a little abandoned because many years have passed since Capcom decided to take out a new game for the series. Therefore, when a project Many people were happy to open the pocket and finance this promise, especially since Keiji Inafune himself, one of the artists who worked for years on the original MegaMan games was part of the project.

Unfortunately, it appears that the success of the campaign was enough for the creators to continue to show continued disdain for their supporters. Not only was the game postponed again and again, and in the meantime Keiji Inafune launched a second campaign to create another game (?!), The final result was disappointing, and showed moderate design stages and problematic control. And to add a little more fuel to the fire, it turned out that the person who paid extra to get a physical box for the game, received a box too small to contain the booklet that came with her.

Duke Nukem Forever

If you ask a gamer who lived in the 1990s to throw you names of famous shooting games from that era, no doubt "Duke Nukem" would be among them, especially Duke Nukem 3D which was one of the games alongside Dom and Wolfenstein 3D that made the FPS genre popular. And the reason was that not only were these games really good in terms of gameplay, but the guy who was Duke Nukem's anti-hero, along with black humor, and other elements that made parents demand an age rating for games At that time.

So it's no surprise that the fans of the series waited patiently - literally - for the next game in the series. And it took them no less than15 years To receive it. It's a very long time to develop expectations. At that time, the studio that developed the game had enough financial difficulties, and the development rolled from company to company. And the end result? As expected, it was very unimpressive. Not only did the graphics look very old-fashioned for 2011 when the game came out, its humor no longer held water and was considered kringy at best, and offensive at worst, control was problematic, and in short, it was a game no one liked - neither the critics nor the gamers.

Pokemon Go

When Pokemon introduced the Pokmeon Go game trailer, all the generations of people who grew up on the series of games could not help but get excited and wait for it. Walk the street and catch Pokemon? Fight against friends and random people on the street? The trailers were able to display a picture of a crazy game that takes the brand to the next level.

In practice, we got a much more basic experience, which enabled us to walk around the streets and catch Pokemon, but in a kind of game that did not include battles, we could not fight friends, and battles were called poor compared to the original. No wonder that although the game became a worldwide phenomenon, most people lost interest within a few weeks.

The Order: 1886

If there's a game that proves that graphics are not all, it's the Order: 1886 for PlayStation 4. If from the trailers we got the impression that we were going to get an awesome action game going on in Victorian London and fight the werewolves with a tool Sophisticated and all with graphics that we could only dream of going up, in the end we got only the graphics.

The game itself was slow and relatively few gameplay pieces, when in addition everything was also generally short - so he managed to upset players who paid him a full price of 60 dollars and felt cheated.

Red Steel

The Living Console was mostly unrealized potential - with relatively few games that knew how to utilize its signs in its original form. One of those games that was the first action game for the console was Red Steel from home . And his innovation was that you were able to conduct a swords battle with the signs of life when you really needed to swing them in reality, and in the shooting parts, they helped to direct in a much more precise way.

The problem was that the rest of the game was horribly slow and slow, so if you had to turn around while you were shooting, you had little chance of doing so in a reasonable time. It should be noted that although the game failed to deliver what he promised, Learned from their mistakes that the sequel Res Steel 2 actually won praise reviews and corrected the problems of his predecessor.

Watch Dogs

We'll finish with Watch Dogs, who also comes from UBSoft, number one queen when it comes to creating a disproportionate hype. Two years before Watch Dogs' departure, Yubisoft Pampama Communications made various advertisements that caused all Drool on every piece of gameplay they released. We expected to have a game with crazy graphics, and hacking games that looked just psychotic. The result unfortunately was much more lukewarm.

The graphics in the final game didn't really come close to what Ubisoft presented, the hacking game was much simpler, the hero of the game wasn't exactly the character you would remember two days after, and the gameplay general was fine but certainly not innovative in any way. Overall it's not a bad game at all, it's even quite enjoyable. But it just shows the problem of what happens when people wait for something so exaggerated, and it comes back as a boomerang for creators.

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