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The best and disappointed: The launch season continues with Need for Speed ​​and Black Ops 3

The new title starring Lara Croft and the new installment in the series Make a good impression on the visitors, much more than the new racing title of EA

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The (very) warm season of the gaming world continues to be more intense. After we told you about Assassin's Creed Syndicate and Overall, the time has come to check the status of additional AAA titles that have been launched over the last few days. The results certainly surprised us, and may surprise you.

First on the list is the new Call of Duty, Black Ops 3, which Received a rather mixed reception In his PC version due to some technical problems. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the new game enjoy a much more stable technical situation, which seems to have earned them a pretty good average score of 83 from 100 and-85 from 100 Respectively, slightly higher than those of Black Ops 2 from 2012 and higher than those of Advanced Warfare, which is better than last year.

Call of Duty continues to be renewed
Continues to renew

The critics praised the small but significant additions to the game, which are reflected mainly in the online game mode which has long been the main and most significant part of the brand. In addition, the new and upgraded zombie mode has also been lauded, as an essential, quirky but great addition to the game. However, not everything is pink for Activision's baby - beyond the issues in the (At least in part), the Black Ops 3 was able to annoy a lot of previous console generation players when launched without a single game (!), Supposedly due to technical limitations. The company tried to justify the move with a slight reduction in price, but the players is not really convinced and now these versions 'enjoy' a host of offensive comments and negative reviews especially in every corner of the network, although it is not yet, and sure to be, real professional reviews of this strange proposal.

Now, let's move on to a title that feels like a very strong contender for the 'Disappointing and Disappointed' title for the much-anticipated 2015 year - Need for Speed. The racing game managed to leave a very positive impression on us with all the videos and details that came before the official launch, but in fact most critics were not really enthusiastic about the brand-new direction chosen by the brand after a two-year rest, with claims about predictable and dreary gameplay, claims that the entire game is running at A constant sunset and also claims that the current consoles are not quite able to deal with it reasonably, especially in the case of the.

The concept is good - the actual implementation, much less

Still, the feeling is that what buried this title more than anything else (for a large number of visitors and actors alike) is the infamous demand for a permanent Internet connection throughout the game. The participants said that this online situation is causing technical problems (as in any other case where it is used more or less), and on the other hand does not really offer a unique or interesting game experience because of this.

There were some who liked the newer title and deserved it back to the golden age of the series in the previous decade, but the majority didn't attach too much importance to this nostalgia - and that puts the Average for Need for Speed ​​on 70 from 100 In the PS4 and64 from 100 Only version, Which are side by side Undercover and ProStreet as some of the lowest received by this glorious racing series ever.

It is possible that the Of the title, which has been rejected almost unreservedly for six months to deliver a sleek and optimized product, can get a better view from gamers and critics - but we can't quite see it happening unless EA suddenly decides to cancel the online connection constant. We will keep our fingers crossed that PCs are obviously thirsty for some more quality racing titles.

We assume a series You will continue with us in the coming years, but we have no idea what direction you will choose and which you will turn to, considering the current failure

Last but not least - Rise of the Tomb Raider. The sequel to the decidedly successful reboot of the veteran Tomb Raider series is an exclusive game for Microsoft's Xbox consoles, temporarily (until sometime in the next year), and on average reviews 87 from 100 Shows that PC owners and There is reason to be jealous.

The critics liked the new Tomb Raider, and explained that it manages to preserve everything that was positive in the previous episode, while expanding the number of options available to the player, providing a better plot and integrating all of these in a large open world, diverse and spectacularly beautiful
The visitors loved it very much And explains that it manages to preserve everything that was positive in the previous chapter, while expanding the number of options available to the player, providing a better plot and integrating all of these in a large open world, varied and spectacular in its beauty

To the Xbox 360 version The title has no official reviews yet, but players who have experienced it report a worthwhile experience, which is likely to be one of the last AAA experiences ever to receive this aging console. Please note, Activision - it seems that when you want, technical limitations can be overcome.

The big summer season may be at its peak, but it's still not nearing completion - over the next month we're expected to get another pile of The most ambitious games, Which includes Fallout 4 (Which has already begun to get initial reviews, with averages around 90 from 100), the third installment of StarCraft 2, the Battlefront, the Rainbow Six: Siege and Just Cause 3, so there's no doubt that there's more to wait for, and of course we'll keep you updated with all the juicy details.

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