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Coming Soon: Big and leading games with no file protections

updating: Maybe soon we'll see more popular and interesting games being launched with technology-free versions Extremism? THQ Nordic has announced the acquisition of another European distributor called Koch Media, whose name may not be familiar to you, but a string of games that it has helped bring to the shops will certainly be - the series of survival games loaded with zombies Dead Island, the series of brutal action Metro, Saints Row Games And more.

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The value of the deal is about 150 million, and we can only hope that the titles of the game will soon be new and invested in these brands - And in At the same time, just like the other games in this article.

Metro: Exodus that promises to come even without file protections?

THQ Nordic decides to go against the tide and announces that it will launch all of its top games for 2018 in versions without any file protections.

At a time when most of the game distributors seem to be focusing Adding more and more aggressive defense mechanisms It is good to find that there are still companies that do not believe that piracy is the root cause of all problems, and are prepared to take a risk and believe that worthy content will win the attention of the gamers and their money in every situation.

The distributor that announced that this theory will be publicly reviewed in the coming year is Swedish THQ Nordic, which was previously known as Nordic Games - Collaboration Added with the gaming platform and platform .

Biomutant is one of the most original games we've seen at the show In 2017 - and it will also be available without rule

THQ Nordic announced that the four major titles (for now) it plans to launch over the coming year will reach PCs without any dedicated file protection technology - Where they will be protected by the basic files protection that does not prevent a game without a network connection, a limitation on the number of installations or hardware changes and other controversial features in the techniques Common, and also to the platform While they will be available as simple and convenient installation files.

The exposure to the title The Free World, which hopes to be the beginning of a complete and rich brand and series

The games that will be offered without file protections are the title of the action-adventure Biomutant, which was unveiled at the Gamescom exhibition last year and has attracted much interest as one of the most prominent original titles in the sea of ​​sequels and remodeling. The Fade to Silence survival game will require players to manage a group of survivors and prevent them from derailing the difficult conditions This is the police 2, which will be the continuation of the company's surprise hit 2016 and Darksiders 3, which will be a comeback for the favorite action series that was one of the leading brands in THQ before it went bankrupt and closed.

Darksiders 3 is designed to be a combination of all the best parts of the previous pair of games in the series

This may sound like a pretentious or naïve idea, given that it's clear that these titles will be released and released free of charge within a few hours of their actual launch, but we've already seen evidence that success is possible, even without huge advertising and marketing budgets. Indie, which launched without file protections and managed to sell over 2 million copies within a few months, with at least 1.3 million of them coming from the X- On personal computers.

Yes, this is another survival game - but one that promises to provide additional psychological aspects and refreshing the formula chewed

This is very encouraging news for anyone who expects one or more of these titles, and anyone who would like to see more and more artists who believe in understanding and mutual respect between them and their target audience - and we can only hope that this experiment will succeed and will make other companies in the market choose a similar approach down the road. , As a more pleasant substitute for the endless battle and race between the breakouts and the keys to defense mechanisms such as .

The critics did not really like This is the Police first, but the players actually voted in the legs and earned the games over 85 percent of positive reviews on, Thanks to his unique style and approach - which is probably what led to the creation of a new chapter


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  1. A smart act, like that, any game that finally comes out is hacked and pirated so they have nothing to escape, on the contrary, they save a lot of money on the unnecessary defenses that don't help,
    Eventually a person who loves the game will buy it
    And if the game is good and sold at a fair price, then buy it

  2. Wow BIOMUTANT is very stimulating.
    And finally DARKSIDERS looks and feels like it should be _ (D2 just was like toilet paper)

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