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His fears matched: Call of Duty Modern Warfare with Internet connection requirement on PC

Professional critics praise the new chapter - but at the same time fans themselves are furious, especially in the, With server issues launching that don't allow game access at all

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The announcement of 2019's official Call of Duty system requirements She raised eyebrows when, among other things, she demanded a connection - Then there were rumors and concerns about the network that, like all other games running based on Activision's Battle.net platform,, The initialized Modern Warfare will also require connection and authentication to a server to play it.

Last year we saw the Black Ops 4 is launched with a mandatory connection to dedicated company servers based on Battle.net, but this title chose an unusual way with only online game modes, without single-player plot mode - so that made sense and was easier to digest for gaming enthusiasts. Modern Warfare for 2019, in contrast, offers a traditional single-player game mode - but now with the launch we find that it doesn't prevent the creators from condoning access to it online, unfortunately.

This is not the launch the game's creators had hoped for - and the players themselves

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Launched with positive reviews from visitors, especially for the 4, which is the main development platform for (including some content that will be exclusive to it in the near future), with an average score of 86 out of 100 so far - but the experience of devout fans who decided to purchase the title on its first day is significantly different from that described by the professionals, so will see.

According to various reports on the network, the console players seem to have the option of switching to non-mode (Top image) for the few elements in the title that support it - but the option is not shown to the owners of the In the same way (bottom image). It may be a bug that will be fixed below, but in any case it is a jarring reminder of the ownership problem that exists in many games that are based on remote servers to keep running, especially in the long run

The clutter on the official launch game servers has led to the collapse and many of them are unable to connect and play in the series' popular online modes - but this also reveals the game's dark secret, with the server crash that meant that PC players couldn't access the game at all, not even the player's game modes Single. Unlike the game console versions where there is an option to go online with access to Modern Warfare's plot mode, PCs do not seem to exist - if servers are unavailable for one reason or another the player cannot run the title paid for 60 or more From his finest money.

The reviews are fond of the title that provides a varied and invested plot and a larger than usual multiplayer content content - will gamers themselves agree with these determinations?

It is likely that over time, the developer and distributor will overcome the connectivity issues and give consumers what they have been promised - but this lame opening is another clear illustration of the applications Problems that are becoming more common in the modern gaming market.

Many titles incorporate certain online elements as a justification for requiring a permanent connection to the Internet, which will undoubtedly also make it very difficult for hacking and piracy - but access may also be reduced to situations where online connection doesn't matter when gamers do not actually pay for the product they paid. For him, it is only a matter of the creators' good will to continue operating the game servers that allow proper access.

Does that mean that in five or ten years, when that dedicated Modern Warfare server dropped off the air due to less demand, legitimate purchasers who want to experience the game mode again could find themselves in a situation where they can no longer do so? It is not hard to understand the angry reactions to this decision that is heard in communities on the Reddit platform and other sources on the network.

The latest updates say that for some players, access issues have been resolved - but others continue to experience a variety of connection challenges, such as the requirement to wait hours for a donor until access to the authentication server

Planning to purchase the new Modern Warfare, or the constraints of And Infinity Ward made you give up the idea? Let's talk about it in the comments.


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  1. As if that would prevent the game from breaking out. All of these games are hacked (on the way you can only play in the single player mode).
    About the shutdown of the authentication server a few more years: It is likely that before it closes, an update to the game will be released that will eliminate the need for authentication.

  2. They did it so the game couldn't come out in a pirated version.
    Will it succeed? Not for long. People will keep the content downloaded from the server to the computer and create a pirated version that will be disconnected from the Internet.
    It's also an attempt to insult the gamers' intelligence. Servers are constantly falling. Why do they think they are allowed to force an internet connection all the time?
    I understand that an original internet-connected game will occasionally receive updates like GTA V that I still play. But it is possible to play in front of the computer without internet (offline mode).
    I'm all for original games but against those who fight pirate games because I like them too.

  3. Come to the Discord Server that opens tonight for the benefit of the Modern Warfare community in Israel. Server currently has over 50 players and continues to join quickly. The server contains news, a multiplayer platform, and most importantly, people who care and love the game. https://discord.gg/SXegkT9

  4. Strange that the game uses the exact same name, ten years ago. Was there no other name available? Originality today in cant ...

    At least that game mentioned the series '24 'and included a problematic section at the airport. What will be in this game?….

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