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The consoles from Sony: the one that comes back and the one that disappears

The Japanese company provided us with the nostalgia we hoped for with a modern mini- The original - along with the announcement of the liquidation of the mobile Vita

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After the pair of classic Nintendo consoles that came back to our lives, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before we saw a similar tribute to fans from Sony's side as well - and now it's really happening with the Classic, which will be a modern miniature version of the famous Cube's famous console that started it all up somewhere in 1994.

The tiny 170 gram-only console will be available for purchase just before the end of the current year, starting at 3 in December, relatively widely in Europe, North America and of course in Japan - and priced at 2018 dollars (no tax) or 100 euros (with tax) The console itself, cable For power supply, cable To connect to display and audio devices up to 720p, a pair of wired game controllers and 20 different titles that come preinstalled in the unit directly from the factory.

History goes back - in small

With a statement of tiny 5 watt power consumption only, you can be cautious that the PlayStation Classic will be very similar in its internal structure to the updated NES and SNES systems that our Nintendo competitor brought us - based on the hardware Basic and widely used for emulation of the The original. As for the games themselves - a list of 20 titles will be built into such consoles, with no way to change or add titles in any way, and right now we know the names of five of them: Final Fantasy VII Immortal, Ridge Racer Type 4, Jumping Flash, Wild Arms and Tekken 3, considered to be one of the most influential battles in the genre to date.

It is doubtful whether we will also see a miniature modern version of the enhanced PSOne, launched in 2000

The identity of the other games has yet to be revealed - and will even change according to the market where the console will be marketed, with each audience expected to receive the prominent hits that are spoken to and not the ones that were mostly recognized elsewhere in the globe.

Is it now only left to make an interesting comeback for the most successful domestic console of all time, 2? We will not object, assuming that the price will be reasonable, of course.

At the same time, Bassoni also announced a farewell to another console - the Vita, which was launched with a fanfare a little over half a decade ago and has failed resolutely in Western markets. In recent years, the successor to the PSP has become a presence and partial relevance in the Japanese market only, where such systems can be taken in the bag or pocket everywhere are generally respected status, and now seems to be the time in the land of the rising sun is coming to an end.

Our dream to see games Exclusive mobile-style salon features available everywhere have officially disappeared

Sony will finish production and marketing of the Vita systems sometime in the next year, and is not planning to introduce any mobile heir to it at this stage, which is consistent with statements made by senior company executives from previous years and apparently leaves the To fight alone against the emerging gaming field in smartphones that cast a shadow over the mobile consoles.

After two generations that succeeded mainly in Japan and no other country - Giving up on the field and apparently focusing on bringing versions of some of its hits to other mobile devices

Nintendo has been able to find the optimal combination of on-the-go gaming and home gaming with its Switch console, it seems, but in the long run, not really surprised to also see it succumbing to the broad availability of smartphones with cellular connectivity and moving to focusing on home entertainment primarily - and developing software applications The fruits of the home hardware And from the home of countless Android makers.

You'll miss the Mobility, or not really? Let's talk about it in reactions!

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