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The disappointment of the year? No Man's Sky is cool

The most popular Indie game of the year, launched on consoles and now landing on personal computers, gets mixed reviews so far from critics and gamers alike

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The No Man's Sky Playstation 4 version, the space exploration and exploration game from Indy Studios Hello Games from Gilford, finally landed on the shelves last Tuesday. Players began to explore his infinite universe, creating worlds and unique lifestyles based on the algorithm created by the twelve developers. Most of the major gaming sites have not yet been reviewed, but the game, whose computer version will arrive on the computer tonight, is in the meantime receiving a mixed reception.

Most critics praise the impressive achievement of the tiny development team, which has created a wide-ranging universe that has never been seen before. However, many argue that the game is simply boring, does not offer real attractions, that its survival mechanism is oppressive and collecting resources is repetitive. It should be noted unlike the games Others, like "Star Control," his storytelling element is not placed at the front. Some of the complaints focus on the high cost of the game, especially with regard to independent play.

It is too early to decide the fate of No Man's Sky, especially since the actors have not yet managed to exhaust it, but, despite being an interesting and even quite successful experiment, it is unlikely to transcend immortality. The average review of the PS4 version on the Metacritic website is, As of today, About 69 out of 100. The users gave it an average score of 4.9, based on 3,100 reviews - although they should be limited, given the hysterical frustrations that usually hold disappointed players.

Variety of creatures and plants (from the game site)
Were the complaints of early experience justified? (From game site)

Have you played with No Man's Sky or are you going to do that soon? Share with us the experiences you have accumulated so far and in your impressions of the game.


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  1. I understand that the game bounces in all kinds of stages and scans you for points and other points. Once I fix it I buy it and my warning to other players if you are a 2 child do not play it is not for you

  2. I've stopped reading user reviews. Today's generation suffers from manic depression and the grades are either 9-10 or 0-2.

  3. I don't know about other people but yesterday I sat on the game from the time it went down to the computer (19: 15) until 4 in the morning ... and I'll sit on it a lot more this way ...
    There were planets I landed on that were simply stunning ...

  4. On the one hand, quite an addictive title. On the other hand when you look at the few catastrophes worse than Populous3 that came out on 1998 (also there looking from the top on a star).

  5. I played for a few hours in the PC version, did not notice any bugs, and he ran pretty smoothly. A fun and fun game but a bit repetitive because of the procedural system in which worlds are created and so forth.

  6. expected.
    Besides what is the purpose? Just explore? At this point, this phase will begin to repeat itself and become boring.

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