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End of the game? The cast and critics kill Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Is a company Went too far this time? Her new, greedy online action game gets unusually cold after its official launch

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Developer and distributor (Ubisoft) has fallen in love in recent years, like many of its major competitors, with the Games as a Service approach - with a wide-open, online world with frequent updates and role-playing elements with objects, fresh abilities that encourage players to indulge and persevere over time, when All of these are usually also spiced up with real money structured micro-transactions that allow them to move at an increased speed and gain access to advanced and exclusive means.

This general concept has led to some significant commercial hits for the big French company, such as Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor, which keep a loyal cast and content feed even after launch, and even the latest Assassin's Creed games (Origins and Odyssey) that contain quite a few Reasons to return to them again and again even after the main plot mode has been successfully completed - but this success seems to have risen to the mind of the distributor, which is usually not a good sign of the future.

Did you purchase the game at full cost? Beauty - now let's buy more and more and more

Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the new standout action game of Officially launched a few days ago, it took the competitive and controversial elements to the limit - with the option to purchase (using real money) just about anything imaginable for real money to shorten the path to the summit, starting from auxiliary items through tools More advanced and to the points of experience that can be invested in unique abilities, all combined with a game world that feels empty and lifeless, with enemies that have Insulting and disappointing and production quality that ranges in the extreme between the exciting and the ugly.

The prices of some of the upgrade packages offered within the game world are $ 10 and above - and there are dozens of options to choose from, so the amounts can easily rise to hundreds of dollars

The backlash from the players was not overdue, prompting the company to cancel some of the problematic acquisition options in the title, claiming they became available due to an error and adding that they were not intended to give players an advantage in game situations fighting against other human players - but made it clear that this was only temporary, When the same digital purchases that can (also) be made in real money will come back later. It's worth mentioning that this is a AAA title at a full starting price of 60 dollars, and not a free title at its base or at a discounted cost that uses these purchases to justify its very existence.

The surprising change now is the mobilization of professional visitors to the circle of votes that kill the game and the greedy attitude of Ubisoft in general - with an average score of 58 out of 100 only for the PlayStation 4 version, One of the lowest to receive such a big, bombastic title from one of the strongest companies on the market.

Versions And the PC has so far received slightly more "compassionate" review averages, but based on fewer sources - so it's likely that the 4 has the lowest average and the largest number of reviews that will align eventually. Will it really affect future plans for the title? We will continue to follow

Not sure this average disappointing review will make Breakpoint's fate a long-term commercial failure, but with the fire abducted These days, both from gamers and brand enthusiasts of the past as well as from the pros - let's hope it stops for a moment to recalculate its moves, so that its future games are a little more worthy of the players.


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