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The Epic Store continues its offensive: a great free game is available to everyone

The game of adventure and the beautiful thinking The Witness is divided free for all registered users to the platform of - And there is more to look forward to

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The big digital store war is probably one of the most significant and interesting developments in the gaming world in the past year, and we see it The Epic Store Is investing tremendous efforts in trying to gain momentum that can threaten the hegemony it enjoyed In the field for years - through a free games division every two weeks, which has been held for several months.

Starting yesterday (April 4), the new free game available to new free registrants and existing registrants on the platform Is The Witness, Created by the studio Thekla of Jonathan Blow - who was also responsible for the famous platform game Braid in the past. Instead of paying a full recommended price of no less than 40 dollars, all you need is to add the game to your digital library at the store at any time until Thursday, the 18 in April and this - the wonderful mysterious title will be yours forever.

Mysteries and riddles in a mesmerizing and spectacular environment await you - in just a few clicks

In addition to the current distribution, the store has already revealed that starting from the 18 in April will be distributed another prestigious indie title at no cost to all interested - the superistor of Supergiant Games Studio, which also brought us the games Bastion and Pyre and is rightly considered one of the most prominent in the modern era of those who are not Belong to one of the largest marketing companies in the business. Do not forget to keep track of the deals here on our site!

We already know what the next menu item will be - So even if you're not really excited about the idea of ​​another store and a separate game library, it seems that the required investment justifies these free deals


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