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Blizzard Disappointing: Warcraft 3 Reforged taken by fans

The remake version of the legendary strategy title was presented with many promises of modernization - but was eventually launched as a new color layer and not much more than that

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Dealing with beloved classics is never easy, in any genre of media, and these days Blizzard is the company that gets to experience the lesson on its own - with the recent remake of one of the best strategy games ever to have particularly deadly reactions.

Having successfully renewed StarCraft from 1998, the American developer turned to novelty for Warcraft 3, which was originally launched in 2002 and formed the basis for both DotA, the father of all MOBA games, and the world of mega-successful World of Warcraft. Under the name Warcraft 3: Reforged and with a decent price tag of $ 30 (or € 30 in Europe), we were promised a refurbished and modernized version of the classic - with enhancements to feature mode playback, four hours of new videos, new dubbing and more.

Blizzard just wanted to remind us of the relevance of one of the most important games in its history even in the modern age - and instead of success has received mostly disgrace

About a year and a half after the original announcement The official launch has arrived - And instead of sweet nostalgia, fans have mostly found a bitter disappointment as promises for new videos, plot changes, and revised audio fade away, and all that remains is a minor update to the game's character models plus a variety of new technical bugs that weren't part of the original. Add to that a controversial declaration that any Mod and other content created in the Reforged version will by default belong to Blizzard itself and not its creators - and you received a cocktail that explains historically low user scores for the piece With 0.5 out of 10 based on votes of more than 25,000 users on the Metacritic site.

It is worth noting that Metacritic user scores are not usually considered a reliable source due to the lack of good level moderation on the platform - but in the absence of user ratings at the store through Warcraft 3: Reforged Marketer - this is probably the best numerical indication In the practical audience's opinion.

Disappointed players Set up a dedicated website That clarifies all the gaps between the promised and the real - plus the lack of capabilities for games on the local LAN and games without an Internet connection that were part of the offering 19 years ago

Blizzard promises updates to correct the technical issues with which Reforged was launched and also started offering A quick credit to all the disappointed who want to get their money back - But it is doubtful that this will reassure many fans, as there are no plans in the background to return the promised and cut content. Launching Diablo 4 comforted? We're not so sure all of a sudden anymore.

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