The first big game of the crowd financing platform Fig comes in April • HWzone

The first big game of the crowd financing platform Fig comes in April

Ambitious Role-Playing Game Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Gets Official Launch Date - and Wills to Prove that Investing in Independent Developers for Profit Can Be a Successful Business Model

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Love classic isometric role-playing games? Good news for you - Pillars of Eternity 2, the sequel to the most famous genre in the last half decade will arrive early April 2018, after being partially funded successfully on the crowdfunding platform Fig.

The game itself, which was developed by veteran American studio Obsidian Entertainment and distributed by a young company called Versus Evil, is about to go into big shoes - considering the fact that its predecessor received an excellent quality review and score of 89 from 100 on the Metacritic site. However, what may be equally interesting is its impact on the field of mass funding, and on the Fig platform in particular, in the long run.

First real proof that games are a wise investment - even if you don't really want to play them yourself?

Unlike Kickstarter, where investing money in a title under development is only for a work-related reward, Fig has been launched by some well-known faces from the gaming industry with a possible investment duo - either for accepting one or another version of the game, and also as an investment Pure business, with the potential for a refund of up to 100 percent of the amount within a few years. Pretty good return, with a degree of risk derived directly from the level of trust you have in the key studio.

Deadfire will first be available on PCs only - for the system , Linux and MacOS

2.25 MILLION DOLLARS FROM 4.4 MILLION DOLLARS Fill in the Fig for Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Came from investments, and with the official launch will begin three years during which investors' money will be returned, with the upper limit of doubling that initial investment - which means as much as a net profit of up to 100 percent within about four years in this case, given that the game's fundraising campaign was created exactly a year ago, January 2017.

It will be interesting to discover whether this launch and the success of the title will revive the use of the unique platform, through which several promising future works such as Psychonauts 2, Wasteland 3 and Phoenix Point (which is a kind of successor to New Age XCOM) have been successfully funded. We certainly won't oppose it, and any other method that will allow good games to turn from a dream into reality - and you? Count in the comments.


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