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Steam Treat: Five games for free this weekend

We haven't had that for a long time: Wallb's digital platform offers a good number of games from different genres that you can download and play for free - and there's plenty And more discounts, of course

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The whole chain seems to be caught up in the typical November shopping festivities, even stores and sites that we wouldn't necessarily expect at first glance - so now you have a golden opportunity to regenerate and experience the latest gaming at, To an unusual extent.

The open world action game Just Cause 4, which has been kind of re-launched with a significantly updated and improved version from last year's under the name Just Cause 4 Reloaded (With significantly good review scores on Currently) - Available for a completely free trial, as well as a purchase at a starting price of NIS 50.13, NIS 77.38 for an enlarged version along with the expansion pack of the game and NIS 90.73 with all content produced for the title.

Just Cause 4

A game of building and managing the finest cities Cities: Skylines Also available for trial for the next three days at no cost - and at a cost of NIS 26.39 for its base version and NIS 75.38 for a recommended version for beginners with three added content packages (out of over 20 different packages launched over the past few years).

The driving simulator that serves as a relaxing haven for many players, American Truck Simulator, Is available for free play until Monday - and for now and forever at a discounted price of only NIS 17.98, with the option of buying 16 additional DLC packages at a discount of up to 70 percent.

American Truck Simulator

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The successful online action game Payday 2 Received another update recently (although the developer has previously stated that she has finished the game additions and moved to focus on other creations), and is now available for free download and experience - and for NIS 18.47 only, with the addition of NIS 36.84 for the latest expansion pack called Border Crossing Heist.

Dessert, Elder Scrolls Online The masses and online are also offered a free trial once again - with the purchase of the base package which also includes the Morrowind area for NIS 42.5. Completing the available areas for the game with the Elsweyr expansion pack will cost an additional NIS 219.

Title of the sold action Middle Earth: Shadow of War, Which became much better when it overcame the real money micro-trades that had begun to dominate, is available at a price of NIS 56.08 for the basic version and NIS 81.98 for its full and comprehensive Definitive Edition.

Hitman 2, Which is one of the best stealth and assassination experiences in the modern gaming market, sold NIS 87.9 for its base version with seven feature chapters - and NIS 149.98 for Gold Edition with all the content and extras produced for it over the past year.

Konami football title, eFotball PES 2020, Launched just two months ago - but already available for a third of the price - with a NIS 134 tag for all genre enthusiasts.

eFootball PES 2020

Complete package of XCOM 2 The excellent, with all the content packages created for it including the popular War of the Chosen, is now available for NIS 112.49.

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