The flowers to NVIDIA? • Updated Switch Switching HWzone battery life

The flowers to NVIDIA? The updated Switch console increases the battery life

The use of an improved processing chip, ostensibly, allows the mobile fixed-line platform Act much more effectively

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Console switch It is perhaps the weakest in the current generation hardware, with a processing power more reminiscent of the previous generation than that of modern competitors - but it did not stop it from becoming a big hit, thanks to high quality exclusive titles, an innovative control method that enables and encourages collaboration with friends and most importantly Unique to take the gaming from the living room to easy ways.

The perfect combination? Well, almost - the switching performance of the mobile mode was reduced and in some cases not even a minimum display rate of 30 frames per second considered the default experience for many gaming enthusiasts, even my life Which in most cases were only three or four hours long, did not really contribute to the matter. Although millions of players purchased the device, it was possible to understand the desire for an improved version.

She didn't do it very publicly - but Launched a pair of new models last week, in fact

now, Alongside the introduction of the reduced Switch Lite version Designed for mobile gaming only and guarantees minimally better battery life than the original Switch (between three and 7 hours, versus 2.5 hours up to 6.5 hours) - we also get an updated hardware version of the Big Sister, probably with an enhanced 12 nm version of Chip The old X1, which is my life Are significantly superior to the other two versions.

The HAC-001-01 version of the Switch, with serial numbers beginning with the XKW letters instead of the XAW in the original incarnation (yes, Nintendo certainly did not make it easy for users to make this obvious distinction), is completely identical in price and appearance - but you can provide life Of 4.5 hours to 9 hours in its mobile state, ie an addition of two hours as the base, when a more specific example of Talks about 5.5 hours of play on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild vs 3 Playing hours only in the same title on the original Switch.

A small change that is very easy to ignore or miss - with a very big contribution

It is unclear exactly when the updated Switch inventory will reach all stores around the world, but with such a significant difference there is no doubt that there is very good reason to be patient and wait for the XKW model, or at least the first reviews and impressions that will reveal whether the statements stand the test of reality . There is no doubt that the updated version consumes much less energy than the previous version - and it will be very interesting to find out if this situation can also be seen Are better, especially in the built-in desk mode where the unit operates at maximum frequencies with a fan that helps to dissipate the heat. Now that it is much less heat, the frequencies may rise higher and give extra important.

My life Almost 2 is one of the most successful products of the current generation - can you even fantasize about it Higher quality?

We don't know whether Benintendo is working on a more powerful Pro version of the Switch for downstream exposure, or not - but we certainly welcome any improvement in capabilities, especially when it doesn't involve price increases.

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