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The frenzy begins: PlayStation 4 consoles at the lowest prices

Original article: Lower than it probably won't be, even on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday: Offers the 4 Pro with less than 1,400 gaming and the 4 Slim for less than NIS 1,000

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We don't know how much available inventory will hold within these high quality deals, so we suggest you decide and act quickly - 4 of Offered at prices not yet seen in the market, both in terms of our local stores and in terms of everything available from overseas purchase to the Holy Land.

The highlight is the powerful PlayStation 4 Pro case, with Built in one terabyte, one DualShock 4 Black Controller and the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game - priced at $ 394.49 including shipping and shipping (which is not free in this case, probably due to the significant weight and dimensions of the product).

This is the price of NIS 1,385 for the value including an expected conversion fee of one percent of the value of the transaction, which is a discount of NIS 400 compared to the price of a similar package here in stores in Israel, as well as a cheaper cost than the most basic prices of 4 Pro without extra game here in the country - so we have nothing but to recommend to those who have not yet equipped with this popular system.

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Great console and quality gaming - together at a price we have yet to see, and with direct shipping to Israel of course (which is also not obvious in products like this through Amazon)

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Enclosure of the 4 Slim with a just-cut Terabyte drive that has just cut a price - includes an exclusive and top-quality trio of bonus games (The Last of Us Remastered, God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition) for a final price of 269.96 dollars, or less -950 NIS. 180 discount at least NIS compared to base prices for the same console in the country, no extra games included!

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Three big hits, one compact console - and a rare price

Another deal for the latest SlimStation PlayStation 4 console, with a black DualShock 4 controller, a terabyte volume drive and a number of digital bonuses for the Fortnite game as part of a limited-time Flash deal in the US Amazon - 200 dollars only as a base, or 284.53 dollars All-inclusive-all (no appointment required) Prime fee to participate), which is only NIS 995. Hurry, because it will end in a few hours.

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Do you already have a console and want to take gaming to the next level with virtual reality? Excellent - a complete package of the VR with the virtual reality glasses themselves, the camera Eye for her, a pair of motion controllers Move and a pair of games are being sold for only 301.37 dollars, this time with free shipping. This is a price of just under NIS 1,060, which is cheaper at NIS XNUM or more than similar complete packages sold in Israel - and cheaper than any solution. Other salons around today.

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Everything you need to join the VR trend is already here, and there is no need to pay for shipping to our delight

DualShock 4 game controllers are also available at very cheap, "really cheap" prices - 38.5 or 39 dollars just for red, military camo, black and gilded, for which you will need to add an additional 10 dollar value to enjoy free shipping, and without Need extra VAT, so the price of the controller itself is less than NIS 140!

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updating: The deals for the Sony consoles are over for now (we hope to be back for the Black Friday) - but if you're interested in S of the competitor We have a very interesting offer: Amazon Italy offers the model S Fresh Digital, No Optical Drive (All titles you play will be digital), with Internal Terabyte, with a one-month subscription code on the Live Gold and three games (Sea of ​​Thieves, Minecraft and Fortnite plus some digital bonuses) for the price of 176.76 Euro including shipping and VAT, which is NIS 680.

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It has never been cheaper to bring the To your home

2 Update: Console chassis stock 4 Slim with a terabyte volume drive and three games as a recurring and disappears every few hours - so if you missed the previous opportunity to buy - worth sampling the link from time to time and try to grab the opportunity

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