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The game that comes to consoles, late 12 years

Titan Quest's comeback never surprises us, this time it will also be re-released and adapted to the latest consoles of , Nintendo Wii

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The reality is often imagined in the gaming market, so it is reasonable to assume that none of the original creators of the role-play (or Diablo match, if you prefer) Quest could imagine that it would retain relevance even 12 years after it hit store shelves for the first time, long after developer and distributor closed - but that's exactly the case now with the announcement of a new and first console version of its kind.

A digital version of the price of 28 EUR or 30 USD will be launched on 20 in March 2018- And PlayStation 4, and later also Nintendo Switch, featuring its original 2007 game and expansion package, Immortal Throne and a custom interface for gaming controllers and sitting on the living room couch - plus a more polished display compared to the updated decade version launched in Last year.

New interface adapted to new systems

The price may sound a bit high for such an old game, but with the minimum selection of titles in this genre (mostly 3) It is hard to blame the current rights holder THQ Nordic for trying to make the most of the situation.

There will even be a particularly expensive collectors package

Real fans addicted to the mythological adventures of the nameless hero will be able to purchase even a physical collection of Titan Quest for the consoles - and the- 4, with a designed notebook and a miniature model of the Roman helmet that starred in most of the photos that have been publishing the title since it was created.

Surprisingly, Ragnarok's new add-on package is not included in the console versions on the way - though we wouldn't be surprised to find it added later, depending on the popularity of the entire venture

Titan Quest is about to turn from a game originally created for personal computers only (which may also have led to its initial failure?) To a real multi-platform title, with versions of Android and-, Versions of the three large ballroom consoles and of course modern continuity in. After all this, it seems that the creation of a full official title is the only logical step we have left, is not it? We certainly look forward to it.


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