The game is a masterpiece - with just one bit of color

The new indie game "Return of the Obra Dinn" has an especially "old" look - but that does not prevent it from gaining the sympathy of critics and gamers alike

Lucas Pope has become a well-known name in the indie game scene over the past five years thanks to Papers, Please, which provided a completely different experience from any other game out there and successfully integrated social criticism without neglecting the acting aspect itself.

Papers, Please Awarded many awards for the unique idea and minimalist but effective application, received a positive response from visitors and players, has become a great commercial success for its creator and even was adapted for a short film (And free) In the same name. Now, after five years of preparation, the next pop game has been launched which takes Minimalism one step further - the stress and adventure game Return of the Obra Dinn.

The game does not even need 50 shades of gray

The game puts the players in the shoes of an insurance researcher, who board a cargo ship that disappeared for months and reappears at the port with all its crew no longer alive. The goal is of course to collect the pieces of the puzzle and understand what the hell happened there.

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Return of the Obra Dinn is based on 3D models using the popular Unity engine - and uses a special technique to get its primitive, basic final style

The goal is to explore the whole space of the ship and correctly determine the identity and cause of death of all the people aboard the Obra Dinn - and what makes the experience more special than usual is the ultra-minimalist graphic style chosen to present the game world that takes place somewhere in the early part of the century 19: Graphics with a single color bit per pixel (black or white, and sometimes different binary tones), as in early 1980's on Mac's , On computers And Commodore.

Just like Papers, Please - this is also a game where pictures really do not do favors with him

With an average grade of 90 from 100 based on 18 reviews on the Metacritic website As well as a tremendous amount of 98 percent positive reviews on the Steam platform Based on 700 players' criticisms, Pop seems to be very pleased with himself now, and maybe start preparing for his next project, which somehow will need to outdo the achievement. Maybe playing without a picture at all, but with audio only? Apparently, in this case, even this option can not be ruled out in advance.

intrested? Return of the Obra Dinn is available for Windows or MacOS-based computers and is sold for 74 for new shekels in Steam now - or For the price of 20 dollars in the version without file protections in the GOG store.