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Premiere: Age of Empires 4 Gaming is Revealed

The first new game in the great series since 2005 looks very promising as part of a fresh teaser Microsoft has revealed to us

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So far, it has felt like mere fantasy or empty promise, due to the fact that we haven't received any real details since the original announcement somewhere in mid-2017 - but Age of Empires 4 seems to be a live, kicking and real project that is progressing well, as evidenced by the video game The first for him now exposed.

The short video shows a larger and more impressive city than what we saw in a series in the past, although in graphic design that does not strive for full realism but prioritizes a cleaner and more accessible style. In the trailer we are also exposed to the first two civilizations where the final version of the game - English and Mongolian, can be chosen, with the creators promising a variety of other peoples to be revealed in the future, and significantly different in appearance, fighting tactics and any other significant aspect of gameplay (as opposed to where all armies are). Share lots of combat units and generic structures between them).

The creators promise that the future chapter will not include any real-money micro-transaction mechanisms within it, and will focus on expansion packages and added content instead as a method to increase revenue after its initial launch (something that can certainly be seen as a minority in the modern era) - and also declare that they will retain the basics Sellers with four different types of quarry players will need to collect and manage wisely, as well as switching between four different historical periods that will upgrade each time the player's available technologies and the appearance of all the buildings and units in the empire he builds and maintains.

A lot of changes were seen in a short video with less than one minute of actual gaming scenes - but after 15 waiting years we couldn't expect anything else, actually

Age of Empires IV is not developed by the legendary Ensemble studio that was responsible for the previous three major AoE games, but ceased to exist unfortunately in 2009 - but by Canadian Relic Entertainment, which in turn is responsible for major genres such as the Homeworld series, the Company of Heroes series and the series. Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War.

Age of Empires 4 will be available only after we receive the Definitive Edition for Age of Empires 3 - and although these two works are being developed simultaneously by different teams in different companies, that may explain why no one wants to commit to the launch of the new episode over the coming year

When will we see this promising piece available for purchase and play to the general public? Nobody really knows yet - when even 2020 is not a safe bet, with the possibility that the launch timing will only be somewhere on 2021. Let's hope that this long wait of over a decade and a half can justify itself, and perhaps allow the entire strategy world to return to the center of the stage - not only through innovations for past games but also with entirely new chapters and ideas.


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