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The gaming world in shock: GTA V to PC postponed, again

For the second time in the past six weeks, the PC version has been one of the best games in the last decade, V, deferred - this time soon for another month

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The PC version of the game V was rejected for the third time, from 24 to March to 14 in April

Because of course, it had to happen at least one more time. In an official announcement in the company's Newswire Internet magazine, Rockstar announced Further rejection In the official launch of one of the most anticipated games of the year for PCPut over 800 million dollars On the first launch day), the GTA V. The game, which is already available for the PlayStation 3 and 360 consoles from 17 for September 2013 and the PlayStation 4 and the X- From last November's 18, was postponed for the third time since the first release of the PC version, And Sonny.

According to The official statement From Rockstart: "We apologize to PC players around the world who have already started counting down the days for the official launch of V, but little more time is needed to ensure that the game is polished at the highest possible level and that Online and the Heists option from day one. "

With this annoying post, Also notes that the Heist game, which allows four players to play together on the net in a complex raid mission, will be available on the tenth of next March, Who are eager to get their hands on one of the best games of recent times.

Either way, a large number of players from around the world are waiting forGTA V finally reach the PC. Rockstar may still declare that it is understanding and help it to find and fix bugs and bugs that may appear with supportNew platform This is by the game, a situation that may only worsen public opinion about the company.

Will the game be postponed for the fourth time? Write us your comments!


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  1. In my opinion there is no point in publishing that the game has been postponed every time ... it would have been better to advertise when it came out

  2. Shit! If they're not sure about the launch date in the first place, they won't post it ...
    I would prefer to know that the game is in development and get one true date as far as it is.

  3. Each time they add more money to their pre-purchase.
    Now it's a million in an online and a half million in a single.
    They create inflation here lol. Sure they will have to raise the prices of everything there because everyone is a millionaire….
    This cost of living also haunts us with games….

  4. It's good for them that after all these delays, the game for the computer will be successful.

    If not, I suggest we raise an app and send the most violent person in the forum to assassinate Rockstar CEO :)

  5. They take out a game like ACU and everyone complains (and rightly so) about the zeal of taking out a product that is not ready.
    So let them do their job and let the game go when it's really ready. Rather than a game running on 20 FPS.

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