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Center PC: Gears of War 5 hardware requirements revealed

Action series Comeback - This Time the World Should not feel deprived for a change

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The Gears of War series is preparing for its return to the center stage, this time with the name Gears 5 (without the addition of the words 'of War'), with a new protagonist - and with a desire to prove that the brand's familiar tactical gameplay is still as relevant as it was in its glamor somewhere In the previous console generation.

Gears 5 will officially launch in about a week, on 10 in September, for the consoles The variance and for computer based 10 at the same time, similar to what happened three years ago at the launch of Gears of War 4 - but this time with The Coalition developer and distributor We want to make sure that the computer version is worthy and polished right from the start, without all the technical problems that characterized the previous chapter in the And generated quite a bit of anger among the fans. Not a recommended addition to a series that has to face a challenge in the interest of new players despite the fact that most of its games have not been launched to the To this day.

Returning to fight the 'locusts' race

Gears 5 will be launched for PCs with more than 35 customizable graphical settings, support for unlimited display refresh rates, all mouse and keyboard control redefinition options, built-in 32 screens: Ultra-wide 9 screens, support for high display resolutions Especially - and also with a very high-resolution texture package that players can download for free if they wish.

Details of the system requirements for the new chapter. There is a reason for optimism

The creators collaborated closely with a company As part of the development, and thanks to the addition of a particularly large number of cores and processing capability for the latest home Ryzen processors, support for Asynchronous Compute technology on cards In architecture and- And offer FidelityFX support to improve image quality without compromising performance.

Microsoft has provided three different levels of system requirements with a convenient division between AMD and AMD. (And Intel adjacent to it), with updated 10 windows system and 80GB of available storage space, along with 8GB of RAM and hexagonal FX processor or Core i3 dual-core Skylake processor and graphics cards with 2GB of sample graphics memory R9 280, RX 560, GTX 760 or GTX 1050. Definitely modest and reasonable requirements for the end of 2019 - though it's not quite clear what game experience they are intended to provide to actual players.

The top ideal gaming requirements include 16GB or more RAM, use of 100GB of available storage (probably for the addition of the ultra-high resolution spoken text pack), Ryzen 7 octagon cores of each of the three generations or Core i7 processor -Skylake and above - and a graphics card with 8GB of sample graphic memory VII or sample 2080. The top end of everything currently available in the market, without a doubt.

Will Gears 5 work best on home hardware Only, or did he know how to make the most of every modern purchase you throw at him? We will know very soon

Planning to try Gears 5 as soon as possible or not interested in the brand in any way? Tell us in the comments!

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