EA's greatest parade: Batalfield 5 and Titanfall 2 This year, Mass Effect: Andromeda at the beginning of 2017

The American distributor is updating its plans for the near future, with two action hits coming during 2016 and an official rejection of the next game in the famous role-playing series

2016 has already provided us with quite a number of interesting and high-quality games, with an impressive list of titles to come in the next 10 months - and now it is possible to add Titanfall 2 and, 5.

Representatives of the EA distributor They declared Said that the two action games, which have not yet been officially announced, will be launched during the third quarter of fiscal year 2017 for the company - which is actually the last calendar quarter of 2016. In addition, the same representatives also provided a framework for the last quarter of fiscal year 2017 for the launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda - which supposedly means that it will not reach us in 2016 as expected, but during the first quarter of the calendar 2017 year.

Three intriguing follow-up titles are expected to reach us during 12 in the coming months
Three intriguing follow-up titles are expected to reach us during 12 in the coming months

It is quite possible that these target dates will still be down the road for one reason or another - but given that they were given to EA's prominent shareholders in a quarterly conversation with them, we have good reason to believe that the company believes in them and will not want to give the controlling shareholders false statements they will need to give Judgment below.

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So where will the next chapter in the series take us? , And how will Titanfall 2 refresh the interesting formula presented by its predecessor? We may receive the answers to these questions at the time of the declaration at the exhibition In June - or perhaps earlier, as part of other significant gaming events. Either way - we'll keep track and update you.