The Humble Bundle is coming back with a pack of Codemasters

After a break of several weeks we receive a new discounted games collection, this time with six titles for a price starting from a single dollar and more than 13 titles and content packages for only $ 15

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The truth? We missed: After a few weeks of quiet, we were told Humble Bundle Packages The games that provide cheap (very) games to gamers on the one hand and donations to charities on the other - With a package Which concentrates several of the best titles of the distributor and independent British developer Codemasters.


The basic package that anyone who chooses to pay for more than one dollar is one of the best we've come across in recent times, including the GRID 2 racing game, including one of its DLC packages called the Dirt Showdown, the new version of Colin McRae Rally (The same series from which Dirt was born), the favorite and unique action game Overlord, the hospital game Tycoon, and for dessert the real action Flashpoint 2 in its full version, with the Dragon Rising base and the expansion pack River. All of these can be yours, as stated, in less than 4 shekels - although you are invited to spend a little more of course.

Overlord 5.55, the game Overlord: Rising Hell, a DLC package for the title Dirt 22, adding a new track and two new vehicles, as well as access to at least two new titles, whose identity will be revealed as the sales progress this Tuesday, a huge deal, even if you've already purchased some of the content.

Those who choose to pay more than $ 15 will receive another bonus in the form of a DLC content package for GRID 60 called All In Pack and includes most of the additions added to the title, the Season Pass for GRID Autosports, which includes all of the DLC content, and for the Dirt 2 racing title, with its full edition version with all the bonuses added to it after it was originally launched somewhere far away in 3.


As can already be seen, Will appeal first and foremost to racing enthusiasts in general, and to the great racing enthusiasts of Codemasters in particular - but not only to them.

The current package is already showing some good success for the G-, With close to 100,000 packages already purchased within two days and revenue of over $ 500,000 earned. Have you already joined them, or are the titles offered really interesting to you? We'd love to hear your comments.