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Gameplay, trailer and system requirements - Half-Life: Alyx has been revealed in a big way

Half-Life: Alyx is officially unveiled - and claims to be the first game in the VR universe that anyone will feel that they simply have to play

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Here it comes, mark yourselves for diaries this coming March - the Half-Life: Alyx game has officially been revealed with a short but handsome gameplay trailer, preliminary technical details, , Basic hardware requirements and price. Will one of the best series of action game games in the world ever convince millions to jump into the virtual reality cart? All the data before you.

Alyx will star a VR game starring the one and only Dr. Gordon Freeman, and will be a kind of prequel for Half-Life 2 as he describes the way she and her father have gone through the two decades in the logical sequence between the original Half-Life events and its sequel. From the trailer launched in the Exposure class, it seems that you can expect quite a few elements of suspense, horror and stealth - and of course the elimination of Combine soldiers and a multitude of interdimensional monsters.

Countless game enthusiasts have missed Half-Life - but is it the game that will meet the demands and expectations?

The video doesn't give us much information about the title's traffic mechanisms, which is a significant challenge in many games , But it does provide us with opportunities to be impressed with physical elements of gameplay that simply cannot be applied to the same effectiveness in 'classic' games - a desperate search for ammunition among a multitude of useless items on the shelf, moving physical obstacles out of the way to silently follow the enemy, and hand-feeding nerves Into the gun a moment before the enemy arrives.

Half-Life: Alyx will be offered through the Steam platform for virtual reality systems only, without a standard version for players with a keyboard and mouse or a game controller that the creators claim will break key elements - but with support for all virtual reality glasses based on On the market today, including the Valve Index itself, HTC Vive models, Oculus Rift and Quest models, and Mixed Reality goggles And its partners.

All popular VR goggles with compatibility with Will also support the game - but there will be no version of the game that will work without VR glasses

The game will be based on the Source 2 engine which is considered to be relatively efficient, although it does not meet the set basics On the Steam Store title page Be Threatening Something - With Core i5-7500 Square Processor or Hexagonal Ryzen 5 1600 Processor, Sample Graphics Card RX 580 with GDDR8 5GB or GeForce GTX 1060 with GDDR6 5GB, system Only 10 and no less than 12GB Dynamic in the system. The full recommended price will be NIS 225 for consumers from Israel, or a full 60 dollar purchased from overseas - with a slight discount to the level of NIS 202.45 (54 USD) for those who are already making an early purchase.

The G-Man is back too, in an updated and even more pressing version

The creators (a group made up of the original Half-Life and Half-Life 2 creators, plus people responsible for developing other titles in And people from Campo Santo acquired last year) promise players between 12 and 15 the highest quality gaming hours, with the most expensive brand at the core of the giant company - and if this is not a total confidence vote in virtual reality as the future of the gaming field, we do not know what Yes.

Did you hate the leaping Headcrabs in the previous games? Get ready to hate them even more when they do it straight to your face more realistically in virtual reality

What are the odds that Half-Life: Alyx heralds the official release of the Half-Life series from its long cooling-off period, with the potential for other non-VR games that are behind the scenes? It is already a question we have no answer to answer, at least at this point - but we hold our fingers together with you.

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