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The most interesting games that will come to us in 2016

2015 was a great year for gamers, but it seems that this year is going to be just as successful, maybe even more. Discover what 20 games are the most interesting and promising that should reach the shops this year

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2015 was a great year for gamers, and there was hardly a month in which there was at least one original and interesting game. Fortunately, This year seems to be just as successful. How successful do you ask? I tried to put together a list of ten games, and just could not because there were too many! So instead, get an upgraded list of 20 The games that I think are the most interesting going out this year, and that's after I had to give up at least another ten games left out.


We'll start the list with some nostalgia that gets booted - Doom. And I won't lie, I'm not really dead on games with too many Gore, but friends - it's Dom, and Dom was one of the childhood games of many of us. And this is not going to be a sequel, but a romp to the original game, only in a graphic, psychic 3D with hellish monsters and pure action. So hopefully the integration of Bethesda with id Software will create something really good and not just another police officer with blood and parts flying in the air.

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For the past eight years, the fans of one of the best Japanese role-playing games, Persona, have not seen a sequel, which only raises the expectations of Persona 5. This time the plot follows a new group of high school students who, as usual, are forced to fight in dark forces in a mysterious castle that appears in the city while trying to maintain a normal life in high school. Although, apart from a few trailers, we have not yet seen the game in depth, at least at the moment it looks more colorful and crazy than its predecessors.


After the successful innovation of the 2009 strategy series, Excom returns to another round with XCOM 2, only this time it is the human race that is in the underground, after the aliens managed to take over the planet. You will have to assemble a group of skilled soldiers, send them to various missions and operate them on the ground. According to the gameplay released in the meantime, it seems that a number of changes have been made in the game interface, along with new enemies and challenges. XCOM 2 was launched a few days ago and has already proven to be of the highest quality to our delight.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ™: Mutants in Manhattan

If you miss the days when the Ninja Turtles got really good games, there's a situation where we're going to get one that will return the lost warriors to their lost honor. Right now all we have is a trailer, but Mutants in Manhattan looks like a cool action game, with graphics and character design inspired by the original series of the nineties. And a little nostalgia is always good.

Tom Clancy's The Division

A post-apocalyptic post-apocalyptic post-apocalyptic shooting game in which you play part of an organization that aims to maintain order that disappeared when the majority of the population was annihilated? Well, on paper, and from the Gameplay movies, the Division sounds and looks pretty good. But we already know what happens to the games There is a hype around them ... In any case, we hope that this time it will not be the case.

Final Fantasy 15

A series of Japanese role-playing games that have Final Name and never finish will really get a new title. And this time Final Fantasy 15 changes direction and becomes a role playing game. You play the prince of the kingdom of Lucis, who together with his close friends goes on a quest to restore his kingdom to its power to save her from the army of the neighboring nation. The Final Fantasy series has lost some of its charm in recent years, but I'm hopeful that Final Fantasy 15 will be the one to answer it.


Far Cry Primal

Another series that takes a turn, only one rather unexpected is , Which dates back tens of thousands of years back to the Stone Age with the new title Primal. You play a caveman in an open world full of wild animals and hostile hunters, and you have to try and survive after your tribe is killed and left completely alone and without . It is actually nice to see a change in such an atmosphere, and it is interesting to see how this change will affect the series.

Horizon Zero Dawn

A game that is very similar but also completely different - is Horizon Zero Dawn, which takes place about a thousand years after the technology collapsed and humans are back to a period commemorating the beginning of civilization, living in tribes as hunters. Only, instead of animals, they go around the world Huge, a memory of the modern world of yesteryear. You play a girl from one of the tribes, whose job is to hunt the robots for the resources they provide, and it is certainly intriguing to find out what the plot will be around the game.


Not much is yet known about ReCore, an action adventure game. But from the trailer and his website we discover that the game has a main heroine with a robotic dog, and that she is one of the last humans on the planet. In order to save what is left of humanity, she will have to connect with various robots to help her on her journey. Behind the game are some big names like Keiji Inafune, who designed the mega-man in the original games, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what will come out of the game when it's finally over.

Pokkén Tournament

For years, Pokémon fans have been waiting for GamePrick to open a Pokémon beating game, which sounds like a pretty natural idea, but only this year we will finally see one. Pokémon, which passed the baton on to experts - Nemco, the developer of Tecn games, created a beating game called Pokkén Tournament, which implies a combination between Tecn and Pokémon. It will certainly be interesting to see how this combination will work.


For diversity, a platform game that totally catches the eye - Unravel. You play a small character that consists of a string of threads, which can be used in different ways to progress through stages. The graphics of the game look great, and the game videos also show that it is a refreshing and original game.

Fire Watch

Although we do not yet know too much about him, Firewatch looks like one of those games that creates a special atmosphere and a different game experience. You play a forest guard who sets out to explore an isolated area after receiving inquiries about women who disappeared there. Your only connection to the world is the radio that you speak to a girl, probably a colleague. The course of the game combines exploration of its beautiful environment, combined with an investigation of the mystery, which causes an interesting combination between a colorful world and the knowledge that there is a situation that something very Found in this place ...


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

A new Deus Ex game, Mankind's David, takes place about two years after the events in Human Revolution. Upgraded people find themselves hunted by the crowd, and Adam Jensen has to navigate between terrorist attacks, discover who controls his organization behind the scenes, and decide who to trust in order to uncover a conspiracy that threatens humanity. Gameplay looks as amazing as ever, so there's something to expect.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

We are once again entering Faith's role in Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, only this time we will be able to see her original story, how she became a carefree girl, a heroine trying to save Glass, the city where the plot takes place. The game has undergone quite a bit of upgrading to its parkour and fighting system, and looks like a new and improved version of the first game. If you enjoy the previous one, there is no reason not to enjoy Catalyst.


The online shooting game that Blizzard announced on 2014 is expected to be released at year's end and is going to be a blizzard-style group shooting game with an enormous cast of characters to choose from. Unfortunately Blizzard announced that the game was going to be paid and not as free as promised at first. On the other hand, it probably means that we will get a whole game and more invested. Right now, of all the gameplay from the beta, it looks like an interesting game, and I can not wait to test it myself.

Dark Souls 3

If you are a gamers who love suffering and challenge, you are probably one of those who are already looking forward to Dark Souls 3, which looks better than ever. The upgraded gothic graphics that only make the monsters more terrifying, the promised improvements in the fighting system and various additions to the gameplay, tell us that probably the new title is not going to disappoint.


No Man's Sky

This is probably one of the most ambitious games ever created, because the creators of No Man's Sky promise us that we can walk around with no open world but with an open universe. It is an exploration and survival game that will allow you to land on different planets, each of which has unique surface conditions, vegetation and living organisms of its own. Without a doubt, it's a fascinating project, and it's really interesting to find out what's coming out of it.
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Dishonored 2

Dishonorod was one of the best stealth games to come out in recent years, that is, if you chose to sneak in and not murder your enemies in a variety of original ways. So naturally the expectations for the sequel are pretty high. In Dishonored 2, the player will be given the choice to control the character of the first game hero - Corvo or play a new character - Empress Emily, when the tasks are the same, but each character will perform them in her own way, so the course of the game will change accordingly.

The Last Guardian

If you've missed the masterpieces of PlayStation 2 - Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, you'll be happy to know that the studio that created them is about to release a PlayStation 4 spiritual sequel called The Last Guardian. You play a kid who tries to escape the ancient ruins he was kidnapped while developing a cute Griffin creature called Trico. The artistic design and gameplay look completely like the games he is based on, and if he is as good as his predecessors, it is likely to be an equally exciting game.

Maybe this year?
Maybe this year?

Uncharted 4

Nutty Dog is back with a new title in the Uncharted series, which seems to be full of action and constant madness. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End takes place three years after the end of the previous game, when Nathan Drake joins his brother, who he thinks is dead, and together they embark on a world-wide quest in pursuit of a lost pirate colony, hiding a legendary treasure. Adventure Games Lovers - This is not a game you'll want to miss, there's a great mix of talented developers here, along with an excellent cast of cast, and of all the online gameplay gameplay, it does look like one of the third-person action adventure shooting games that will provide us with hours of action and interest.

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  1. How exactly is total warhammer not listed? If the expansion of total war towards fantasy is not considered interesting then it is not clear to me what it is :)

  2. The Last Guardian - really maybe this year. Expect him from the moment he was declared. ICO and SotC were masterpieces to my taste, and I have a feeling that Last Guardian is going to transcend both.

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