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Introduce Microsoft's big games to Xbox and PC in 2020

The giant X019 event in London gave us announcements of a number of new and interesting titles - as well as an updated and expanded look at some previously unveiled works

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Last year, Microsoft announced that quality gaming was once again the main thing for gaming, backing it up with the acquisition of five new development companies that would roll out the exclusive set of Xbox consoles and the system On personal computers. We now know what the first wave of this new venture will look like - and you are invited to take a look and express an opinion on the chance it has to deal with the rich library it has built for itself Over the past few years at the main competitor console.


The critical and commercial success of the game The Outer Worlds is still very fresh, but Obsidian Studio is already working hard on another new game, which will be significantly different from the high-quality roles that emphasize the choices and decisions made by the players themselves - this online action and survival game played by young children who have shrunk into size Of ant, and have to deal with a host of new dangers in the yard.

Grounded: It seems fans would have liked to see more quality role-playing games from Obsidian, and nothing else

Trying to recapture Fortnite's tremendous success among the younger cast? We'll know more soon - but right now, reactions across the web are overwhelmingly negative.


Veteran Studio Rare's next game will be nothing like the Sea of ​​Thieves pirate world that continues to evolve and gain support despite only partial success. Everwild will be an action game and adventure in a wild (and online, presumably) world that is full of unique fictional animals as well as human beings, or similar, to the actors.

Everwild: We have no idea what's going on here - but it certainly is of interest

We don't have any other real details about the piece, but it is slated for launch next year for computers and consoles - And the trailer certainly manages to be both intriguing and charming, not only to us but to most of those watching it on.

Bleeding Edge

Tired of Overwatch but want something very similar? This may be the game for you. Ninja Theory Studio Sells Thanks to His Previous Creation Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Develops Another Competitive Online Action Title for , With different and unique heroes with different characteristics and abilities with the emphasis on cold weapons and close range combat, rather than guns and guns.

Bleeding Edge: Another attempt to compete with Overwatch for failure? Let's hope not

Bleeding Edge has been unveiled even earlier, and we now have a scheduled launch date - on 24 March 2020, go And my computer 10 simultaneously.

Wasteland 3

Another studio I purchased He is the American inXile Entertainment led by Brian Fargo, and there they are working on a second modern sequel to Wasteland - the post-apocalyptic role-playing game that formed the basis for the fallout that became famous afterwards. Wasteland 2 launched in 2013 and won many good words, and next year Wasteland 3 should give some more tactical action in the top view combined with a lot of difficult choices - all in an attempt to make the post-nuclear world a little better.

Drake Hollow

A new build, management, and survival game from the title of The Flame in the Flood that features a quirky and refreshingly narrative world that should include online and shared game elements with friends - it's Drake Hollow in a few words, And its digital store in Windows next year.

West of Dead

A fast-paced, dark shooting game from the top where you play a dead gunman with a burning skull a la Ghost Rider instead of a head, with a single sponsored by Ron Perlman? We are totally in favor.

An open beta version of the title is now available, until November 25, for console owners - And the full version is due for release next year on the console , Personal computers and Switch next year.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

We'll end with the most ambitious game on the list, and possibly the most ambitious and promising one to come from home Always - the new and modern version of the flight simulator that started somewhere in the early 1980s promises to provide the devout genre enthusiast with unprecedented and unprecedented realism with accurate mapping of most places in the world based on 2 Petabytes of real-time Bing Maps service information From the company's cloud system in real time, so anyone can fly and find their own home (or someone else's) out the window.

Flight Simulator: Feeling a pilot and not getting out of the chair has never been simpler, or more impressive

Even if you have never played such flight games and are not planning to start now - you cannot deny that it is a very promising technology that can be used in the future as the basis for many more realistic games.

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