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The renewed assassin: A new Hitman game will arrive at the end of the year

Hitman Friday is exposed, promises to return to the origins of the stealth series, and will reach us this December

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Did you miss a stern man with the barcode on the home front? If so, we have very good news for you - it is back in a few months, and with a promise to fix everything Not really Worked in the previous title, Hitman: Absolution.

The sixth major chapter in the Hitman series will ride the trend The strange Which is only gaining strength in the field recently, And simply called Hitman without any extra number or subtitle. Beyond this, the new title promises to return to the roots of the series with a stronger emphasis than ever on large and open game stages in which a large number of action options according to the line of thought and the unique method of play for each player. This is in contrast to most of the linear stages we saw in Absolution, which were in fact its third central point of control.

As a bonus, the developer of IO Interactive (which reinstated the reins to the series it created after the development originally started in another studio called Square Enix Montreal) declares that the new chapter, which will actually be a fresh start for the brand, will not include any paid content or micro- In stark contrast to the approach that guides most of the major titles in the industry today. However, the Hitman's 4 will include a number of tasks that will not be available on other platforms under an exclusive agreement you have entered With the Square Enix distributor.

The icing on the whipped cream is that the new game will arrive in stores in a relatively short time - at 8 in December 2015, if we do not have to suffer from such and other rejections. The game will reach the PCs and PlayStation 4 and.

We're pretty excited, and you?

The man and the suit returns in "reboot" to a series that promises to come back to concentrate on what it does best - enter, impersonate, eliminate and exit without anyone noticing what happened


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  1. Probably the computer version will have problems as usual with shit port shit and everything is perfect for consoles.

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