2018 piracy model

After two months of relative quiet in which it seemed that the company that is fighting piracy game back to the track wins - we get a sequence of new developments that may devour the cards

Denuvo and the pirates, the saga continues. 2017 was characterized largely by a series of victories of file protection crackers over the senior representative of those who protect the intellectual property and economic interests of the creators.

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The triple surprise of Ubisoft

Many of the major games launched during the year have been hacked and distributed freely within a few days of their legal launch, and the most sophisticated DRM technology seems no longer a challenge - but then Assassin's Creed Origins came up with an updated and improved file protection version of , Which was one of three different layers of defense.

The pirates showed control during the course of events - until he reached the biggest game of For 2017 and managed to surprise - both in audits and file protections

The opponents of DRM argued emphatically that all of these methods significantly undermined the performance of the title and loaded the system, but the method certainly proved itself and the game remained free of piracy during the first three months of the market, which is considered a legitimate and important success in the lexicon of digital defenses. Alongside Assassin's Creed Origins, several more titles were launched at the end of 2017, which included an updated version of Which received the unofficial nickname v4.8, which also enjoyed weeks or months of quiet in legitimate sales - the defenders got back on the wave just at the right time as we entered the hottest year-end sales season.

Some of the games that carried the " v4.8 has been hacked - but not yet all

The juicy purchase

While the network breakout teams are trying their luck in overcoming Denuvo's 4.8 version and its new challenges, we have received Something surprising That the Austrian company responsible for These defenses were acquired - by another company that is developing , Located in the Netherlands and tortured there by Irdeto.

A new collaboration that will put the hackers in real trouble? We'll soon find out

To Irdeto Dedicated to protecting digital files that meets the name Cloakware and enables the concealment of critical and sensitive information. The company has not dealt with the gaming market or the entertainment market so far, but has declared that the acquisition of the company Will allow it to enter these areas - and now it seems that pirate lovers are already afraid of a future combination of And Cloakware together in future titles, making their breakthrough slower and more challenging than ever before.

An additional upgraded version of file protection has already been observed , Which is known as v5.0 and may be the one that will accompany most of the major games during 2018, until deeper cooperation between it and the new landlady will mature - and in this case it seems that the pirates will face a significant challenge that will allow the titles to exhaust their legal sales in the first weeks or months .

A new round is starting

At this point I'm at an interesting crossroads, with Assassin's Creed Origins in question and a few other titles with Denuvo v4.8 protection successfully broken up by a CPY team, and other similar games like Injustice 2, Football Manager 2018, Battlefront 2 may be the next victims in line.

Assassin's Creed Origins was finally hacked - but when it happens only three months after the original launch and not within a day, it's a win for the creators

On the other hand, there is already one known new version at least that will appear in more and more titles as time progresses, and cooperation that can bring us back to the days of 2015 and 2016, in which it seemed that the distributors and the keys to protection close to subjugate the intruders completely and completely. This ceaseless competition shows no signs of a lull, and it seems that 2018 will also be full of small developments and triumphs of both sides in the equation, each from his personal point of view - so there is a very good reason to keep track of what is going on.

The battle technology is not calmed down, but on the contrary - becomes even more aggressive than before