• The new game of Mirrors Edge Catalyst will leave you with a taste of HWzone

Mirrs Edge Catalyst's new video game will leave you with a taste of more

The sequel to one of EA's most original games over the last decade captures Gamescom with a five-minute fresh play

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At EA Distributor and DICE Developer, preparations continue for one of their most underrated games of all time - Mirror's Edge Catalyst, which will take us back to a futuristic world of parkour and perfect timing. Now we get a long official video game, which shows us that everything we loved about Mirror's Edge first (which became a kind of cold game with a loyal fan base) is here too, and looks even more sleek and sharp.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst undoubtedly manages to recreate the "clean" and unusual visual appearance that also characterized the original Mirror's Edge, yet offers a much richer environment and color compared to its predecessor, where the white, red and blue colors dominated almost exclusively. Catalyst is a game that is simply fun to watch, and somewhat reminds us of Wallab's masterpiece, Portal.

We have not seen such things in the series so far
We have not seen such things in the series so far

Unlike the original Mirror's Edge, which had a very unsuccessful attempt to incorporate first-person shooting games between all the parts of the run and parkour, DICE announced in advance that in Catalyst you will not be able to lift From the floor and shoot with him, even if you want to. In the game there will be battleships, but these are designed to be part of the traffic momentum you will need to build throughout the game.

The wonderful video game, which soon became one of the most talked about on the net, joins the video clip EA presented to us a little more than two months ago, in which we received some background for what will be used as the original title for the original title, Great 'is.

The Mirror's Edge Catalyst will arrive at 23 stores in February for 2016, based computers And current generation consoles And Microsoft.

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  1. Too much f-ing bloom!
    Plus it looks excellent. The battle system seems to have improved significantly and the transition between free-running modes seems smoother (note the wall-running from the drain pipe climbing) than we saw in the previous game.
    Waiting impatiently for the game and hoping not to be disappointed

  2. Too much f-ing bloom!

    Right?! The previous game did not consider epilepsy-sick gamers, shame.


    too much f-ing awesome in one game.

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