The new-generation Burnout, about: Dangerous Driving evokes mixed feelings among HWzone fans

The Burnout of the new generation, about: Dangerous Driving, arouses mixed feelings among the fans

A small indie team made up of the creators of the great Burnout Games has decided to provide us with a worthy spiritual heir - but not everyone loves the same result

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Somewhere in the era of innocence of the PlayStation 2 and the The original, one of the most successful and familiar racing series in the area, threw every shred of realism out of the window for dizzying speeds and crazy crashes - the Burnout series, which passed in 2004 to Lydia Along with British developer Criterion Games and became a huge hit with its third installment, Burnout 3: Takedown.

Since then we've had quite a few more successful Burnout games, each with its own approach, but since 2011 with the launch of Burnout Paradise the crazy brand has come into a coma, First and the subsequent action genre, in which parent company EA sees more prestigious revenue potential.

Highway madness - just as if 2004 never ended

The new direction brought the pair of founders of Criterion to retire and studio friends A new modest - that eventually brought us the Danger Zone games, which served as a kind of reconstruction for one of the most devastating and popular game modes of the Burnout series at its heyday. Now comes the new game Dangerous Driving - which is also a nostalgic and interesting reminder of the state of the main game of the past works, with the task of the players is to cross the finish line in the first place but also crush competitors in the process.

The game is free of licensed rock songs that have been one of the hallmarks of the previous Burnout series - and this is one of his main drawbacks, in fact, which reveals that it is a game developed by a team of only seven people

Dangerous Driving is offered for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles and for PCs exclusively at the Epic Store (now) with a $ 30 price tag - and currently The reviews are quite mixed, While some connect more to the lighthearted experience and others are disappointed that this is a variant that is pale in the variety and scope of its content compared to the original.

It seems that you can definitely argue about the quality of the game in relation to the price tag required for it, although it is hard to ignore the fact that it also fills a niche that has remained empty for years since Burnout went into a freeze - so we certainly wish business success in this case, hoping to see continued and appropriate support And perhaps even follow-up chapters that will be able to upgrade and upgrade the solid foundation created here.

Reminder: This is how it looked at the beginning of the millennium

How about Dangerous Driving? Let's talk about it in comments.


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